Official OS For 8300, 8310, & 8320 From Vodafone!!!

Walter just let me know that Vodafone Australia and Fiji released OS for the 8300, 8310, & 8320.


Pick it up at:

Happy downloading guys and thanks Walter!

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  1. OMG!! HFC!! I looked like an hour ago and it wasn’t there! Downloading now!!

  2. Finally!!

  3. Problem: Other times I’d download and run a new OS 4.5 build, BB Desktop Manager would see there was an update and ask me to update my device. With this Vodafone build my Desktop manager doesn’t done that. How do I manually tell Desktop Manager to update my BB?

  4. Problem #2: No after installing the OS update on my PC, Desktop Manager fails to backup my device. I get an “Error(s) backing up Databases” message during backup. Progress bar says it’s looking at Profiles.

  5. Update: I removed and reinstalled BB Desktop Manager 4.6. The backup error at the Profiles step still happened, so I did an Advanced backup were I manually selected everything except for Profiles and backup was successful. I removed and Reinstalled the OS install from my PC, but BB desktop manager still does not run an OS updater. How do I manually run it then?

  6. did you delete the vendor.xml?

  7. @Toddboy71: From your suggestion I searched for vendor.xml, renamed it to vendor.old, tried BB Desktop Manager but it didn’t check for updates. Reinstalled the installer, then tried BB Desktop Manager again, and still didn’t check for updates. At least before it would check for updates, even if it wouldn’t find anything. Thus I’m still stuck.

  8. Voda’F’one. Duh.

  9. Hey, the 8100, 8800, and so on is also available! Why does a majority of the BB community have their heads up the Curve’s bum-bum? You guys like toys with cameras or smart phones?

  10. woooo australia got it!
    yeah yeah yeah yeah

    in case it’s not apparent – I’m happy given that I am a VF AU 8310 owner …

  11. Installed in my new Tmo 8320. Luv it!!!

  12. In response to Up the Curve’s…

    No. I have an awesome Blackberry that can record video’s of you probobly acting like an A-hole in public and then uploading them to YouTube immediatly so that everyone can see how much of a prick you really are! Then I can receive email updates from all the people commenting on how much of a prick you are immediatly to my phone! Out of all the Blackberry’s I have owned (7100, 7105, 8700g, 8100, and the 8320) the 8320 is the best out of all of them.


    I LOVE MY 8320 DAMNIT!

  13. @Dee: Did you have to do anything for Desktop Manager to say “Hey, I can upgrade your device now!”? My Desktop Manager still does not think any update is required and thus I can’t up my T-Mo 8320 from to

  14. I don’t know what i did.. but i updated my Tmo Curve to this new OS and it bricked my berry.. I had to go back to .69. Im sticking to .69. never no issues.

  15. I see Rogers now has for the 8310/20

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