Astraware Releases Platypus Arcade Shooter Made Of Clay

Astraware & Handmark just let me know that they have released Platypus. Its a arcade side scrolling shooter game with one major flaw. It has to be one of the most expensive games for BlackBerry clocking in at $19.99. Add that to the fact that there is no free trial and this game has the deck stacked against it. Its saving grace is that it is based on the PC/MAC game with the same name.

platypus_screenshot_320x240_01 platypus_screenshot_320x240_02 platypus_screenshot_320x240_03

From the product description:

Based on the cult classic for PC and Mac, Platypus is a fast, frantic and fun side-scrolling arcade shooter with a difference – the entire game is made from clay! The vast continent-spanning city of Collosatropolis has finally reached the limits of its expansion, and tall buildings cover every available space. The Collosotropolan leaders have decided the simplest solution is to invade the neighbouring country of Mungola. They don’t anticipate much of a struggle – Mungolans are simple, earthy types without much love for industry. In fact, Mungola’s entire defence force consists of a single squadron of fighter planes – the venerable F-27 ‘Platypus’.

Pilot your trusty Platypus and save peaceful Mungola in the squishiest arcade shooter ever!

  • Defend peaceful Mungola from the invading Collosotropolans
  • 4 massive clay worlds to explore
  • 20 challenging levels of squishy side-scrolling fun
  • A range of powerups to enhance your firepower and boost your score
  • Fantastic music soundtrack inspired by classic Commodore 64 games

platypus_screenshot_320x240_04 platypus_screenshot_320x240_05

Your mission is to pilot your trusty Platypus and save peaceful Mungola! Fly across the squashy fields and trees, avoid the snowy mountains and protect your planet. Shoot down the enemy ships and marvel as they disappear in a splat! Collect fruit bonuses and a range of power-ups to aid you in your quest!

Platypus is a fantastic, fun arcade game featuring 4 massive worlds each with several challenging levels. It’s the perfect casual game for arcade gamers and the perfect arcade game for casual gamers!

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