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image Review: Naztech’s N300 3-in-1 Charger
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The Naztech website seems to think that this product is only available for the Motorola V3, but I assure you it will work with most anything that charges with a USB cable.

Ronen mentioned mobile chargers in a post a couple of months ago which inspired me to take a further look. This device has actually cut down on the clutter in my truck by quite a bit. The N300 is a 3-in-1 charger but the device itself is a 2-in-1 charger (the 3rd way this product charges things is by including a USB cable to charge your device via computer). But that being said it is still a pretty cool thing to have around.

The Charger comes in a nice velvety pouch with 2 cables, a mini-USB and a micro-USB. You might as well toss these cables out as soon as you get the product home. They are about as cheap of cables as I have ever used, but in reality this is not a big deal as I have dozens of nice USB cables. The glory of this charger is that you can charge any device that you can charge from your computer, in your car or without a computer.


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I can charge my; BlackBerry, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speakerphone and digital camera all from the same charger. It also plugs into the wall which is great for those devices that don’t come with AC chargers. One kind of cool feature of the product is that when it is plugged into a power source, the Naztech symbol glows blue.

When it comes to traveling, this charger will actually save me quite a lot of room in my luggage. No more cramming 7-10 chargers into a cramped carry-on. The charger itself is very compact. Smaller in length than my Berry and about twice as thick. There is even a little plastic cover to hide/protect the cigarette adapter when not in use.

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It would have been nice however to see a little bit higher quality cables come with the charger for 60 bucks, but like I said this is not an influencing factor. Also, the price is still a little bit high for this to be a must-have accessory. I am still looking forward to the day when cars come with 2 USB ports next to the cigarette lighter.

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  1. Looks cool. I’ll watch for a price drop, that is WAY too much! This thing shouldn’t cost more than $15 if they want to move any. 😉
    Well, with RIM transitioning to microUSB, having both cables come with this thing is helpful (to at least tide you over for a better quality cable).

  2. Hmmm…a quick look around finds it for $25 at several web merchants (hint “deal sites” listed to the right). Hard to tell for sure if those found also include the cables, but I’m sure the base module itself is the same and since the cables per Nate are crap anyway, save yourself $35!

  3. I bought one of these last year around this time and I only paid $19.99. I can not remember were, but I found it online… It is great when you are on the go and forget the other charger at home. I keep this one in the car at all times and use it for my Jawbone, BB and anything else that needs to be charged… I use it for my iPod also!

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