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Plazmic 4.6 CDK Found Online Theme Developers Rejoice!

detectivestockThe floodgates are open! The Bold has been out for over a month now in about 25 countries around the world (Thanks BBCool) and theme developers have had their hands tied. The Plazmic 4.5 CDK was finally released recently but it does not support the Bold.

Well those days seem to be over. Two of our secret agents sent us a link to the Plazmic 4.6 CDK Bundle 20. With the new CDK in the wild developers will be able to push out custom themes for the Bold. So far only the gurus at Bplay has been rocking Bold themes but this should open the door to a wider variety.

Check it out at:

Let us know what you find in the comments!!! Developers feel free the burn the midnight oil on this one.

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing! In short we take no responsibility for any issues you may experience.

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  1. Oil is burning!!! Thank You!

  2. everyone must be downloading and playing…

    1 observation so far (unless its just me)…you cannot edit existing themes and export using the beta version…it seems to crash… anyone else?

  3. Hmm Bundle20? is this a beta program or something?

  4. Well…so far..not so good.

    Found that you cannot import an existing theme and re-export using the new tools.

    Started a custom theme from scratch..and it will not export…

    Anyone else??

  5. I know Luis managed to create a custom theme in an hour or so. I will let him know to sound off… 🙂

  6. make sure you have the latest emulators from i been able to export a theme that i made in 4.2 when i opened it asked me if i wanted to upgraded to the new version of 4.6 and hit yes and i was able to export that old theme to both OTA version and DM intall version.

  7. link to the emulators? please….

  8. Yea I would be curious as well with the emulators

  9. i got a download speed at about 1kps…

  10. Bad issue with fonts as well, anything other then standard installed fonts cause it to crash hard, but whatever…still better then the version we had yesterday 😉

  11. Same issue as Steve, I have JDE 4.6 and the 9000 simulator working still crashes on all but the stock themes(imported old 4.2-24.5 OS version). It looks to me like it is missing s module used to convert fonts. Building a theme from scatch, let all of you know…..

  12. Did the same..built a theme from scratch….crash.

    I swear this is mor eof a TEASE than anything! And it looks like Plazmic did a better job this time with a Beta release..have to give them props there!


  13. It is definitely a font issue, not rending fonts correctly. I just changed the time font only..CRASH. But it does export the stock themes.

  14. I can get it to export using the font after a few coding tricks but doesn’t show right on the device….soo close but can’t wait for the final

  15. Same issues here, made sure I had the latest simulators, JDE, everything. Try to export and it crashes.


  17. I haven’t had any luck exporting themes either with v4.6. 🙁 I really hope that the final version doesn’t take a long time to be released.

  18. Ahhh finally, a selfmade Today Bold theme.
    I mean, sort of. “Calendar” and “Lock” work, “messages” and “phone log” do not. Bummer.

  19. I just posted a L, U, and Bottom dock on! All for the 81,83,88xx’s

  20. So how do you create the bottom dock with customizable icons now, it looks like people are doing that with 4.6, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

  21. The link for the style guide is invalid.

  22. Found it! Right under my nose, but didn’t see it.

    Make a Zen icon, and in the properties, there’s a checkbox for “use device application order”.

  23. …downloaded already, but, HOW INSTALL THIS PLAZMIC 4.6 ?!?!?!

  24. The fonts are definately an Issue. I finally got it to export after playing around with them. I’m doing Curve 8300, 4.5 OS. Definately going to take some playing with to perfect it! LOL

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