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Official Web OS Upgrades Are Live! Upgrade To OS 4.5 Through Internet Explorer?

UPDATE: Some users are reporting that OS 4.2 is still showing as the latest OS for their device…

Though it was hinted that this was coming yesterday on the forums I was surprised to see that it actually went live today. Just head on over to from Internet Explorer and click the UPGRADE NOW button. It will then proceed to download a ~25mb ActiveX control which is a watered down version of desktop manager.

NOTE: I cannot be 100% certain that OS 4.5 is available for all devices or what the limitations are but the installer clearly hints that OS 4.5 is part of the process. If it is not available now it will be very soon. I just can’t verify since all of my devices already have 4.5.

webupgrade webupgrade2

It will then search to see if you have the latest OS. I already have OS 4.5 so it did not find any upgrades for me. Let me know what OS it gives you back.

webupgrade3 webupgrade4

At the end of the process you can enter in your email address to be notified if there are any further OS upgrades. What I don’t understand is why they could not integrate this functionality with Desktop Manager….

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  1. Really??? I get this instead: “The page you have requested has been moved or no longer exists. Please use the site map below to find the page for which you are looking. “

  2. Sorry about that Nikolaus. It is We forgot the “s” at the end

  3. I ran it, and it said I already have the latest version, so I could not upgrade. I have an 8320 with, so it did not up me to .77 or .81. I’m crushed.

  4. was able to install and configure with Internet explorer 8. Once install Application Loader pop-up. Have to restart my computer for configuration to take effect.

  5. Installed and ran nicely, but claims my 8100 is running the “latest” software.. 4.2.x ?? BOO.

  6. “BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5 is not supported by your wireless service provider.” Thank you, once again, Verizon Wireless!

  7. Currently there is an http 500 Error when clicking the Upgrade Button with device connected, as if nothing is there.

  8. I get no upgrade available from 4.2. I’m on verizon 8830.

  9. It doesn’t show an upgrade for me either, but I’d like to point something out. still has you downloading desktop version 4.5, and they have released version 4.6 on their site

  10. I have a Sprint 8330, no joy here either. Perhaps they are just getting ready for an impending update. I signed up for the email notification.

  11. I have an AT&T 8300 – no dice. 4.2 is as high as I go…

  12. I have a Pearl 8130 on Telus Mobility and it says my device has the latest software That sucks! I want 4.5 already!

  13. Note:

    If you are on a BES or BPS it says you should not upgrade via this method…it then redirected me to a page where I could put my PIN in to see if there was a version available for me…I am on TMO in the USA…it said…no. It then redirected me to…a link where I can be notified when it is available…

  14. VZW 8830 running No upgrade offered. But not surprised either. Checked the VZW SmithMicro device software page, nothing newer than ~ May 2008 for any VZW Blackberry.

  15. Do we also have to delete the vendor.xtml first before downloading the OS 4.5? or will the uploader do everything and i just sit back, worry and relax only when its successfully downloaded and installed?

    Just curious… am no geek…not a techie too so i make questions like these. Help? anyone? please??? :-p

  16. @windchime:
    This is different than upgrading via Desktop Manager (delete vendor.xml). This new web process will only offer you what is approved by your carrier (unless the process gets hacked, which I doubt) which is why most of us are seeing it offer nothing right now.

  17. Hi this has nothing to do with what you are talking about but thought I would share this…I’m with telus and have a pearl 8130 running 4.5 os. Go to pinstack there is help on installing this os to your phone. Good luck.

  18. Cellular South 8830 here and no love. I would love the 4.5 upgrade for the stereo bluetooth headset, html mail viewing and all the other goodies they added/fixed.

  19. Cellular South 8330 running and it just tells me that I have the most recent OS.

  20. Would seem that the 20 posts above are pointing toward either a premature announcement of an official 4.5 release or we’re missing something in the installation. Tried downgrading to the 4.2 that came with my 8310 and then attempted to upgrade. No success.

  21. Just found some more information:

    In RIMs words:
    The Application Loader tool lists available BlackBerry Device Software upgrades that are approved by the BlackBerry smartphone user’s wireless service provider.

    Talk about a letdown

  22. No upgrade for att – BOO they suck, as usual. Guess its time for the Iphone

  23. “BlackBerry Partner Technical Support has noted an increase in a number of calls coming through to RIM regarding customers upgrading to the 4.5 version of device software by using the version available for download directly from our BlackBerry site. Unfortunately this software is only compatible with unbranded devices or devices purchased directly from RIM, so in other words, for devices branded from a carrier this download will not function correctly.

    RIM is presently looking into the matter and will amend the download site accordingly.”

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