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Namco Releases Dig Dug For BlackBerry – Arcade Classic!

This game really struck a longing cord with me. I used to absolutely LOVE my pixilated Dig Dug back in the day. Its funny how an old game like this can bring out the nostalgic side of me. The game is available now for a HEFTY $14.99 on Handmark with no trial. Handmark really needs to either lower their prices or offer a trial so readers can try before they lay down $15. This is especially true since games like Dig Dug live and die by their controls.

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From the description:

Dig for Pookas and Fygars in the mobile version of this arcade classic from Namco! Snare your enemies with your trusty pump and inflate them until they pop! Or, squish them with falling rocks. Grab bonus veggies for extra points. Watch out for the Pookas and Fygars sneaking up through the ground. And if you get caught in Fygar’s fiery breath, you’re toast! Who said landscaping was easy?

HOW TO PLAY Dig tunnels find and get rid of your enemies! You can inflate and pop them or loosen rocks that will fall on their heads! Use your pump and harpoon to pop Pookas and Fygars. Do this by pressing PUMP while facing your target. Your harpoon will shoot out and hit the enemy, inflating it slightly and paralyzing it. Each button press further inflates the hapless monster.

Tunnel underneath a rock when one or more monsters are chasing you. If the monster is tunneling upward, make a sharp turn at the base of the rock so it falls on him! If you are tunneling sideways, time it so the rock falls just as the monsters run underneath!


  • OFFICIAL BlackBerry version of the arcade hit, Dig Dug®!
  • Exactly like the original arcade version.
  • Play all 250+ levels from the original.
  • The Pookas and Fygars return to run amuck in your handheld garden.


  • Watch out for Fygars (green monsters). They breathe fire that can hit Dig Dug from afar and even through thin walls of dirt.
  • After 2 rocks have fallen in any round, a veggie or fruit appears at the center of the earth for 10 seconds. If Dig Dug can gobble it up, he earns extra points. Remember: eat your vegetables!
  • The deeper in the ground an enemy is, the more points it’s worth when popped!
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  1. Holy Nutballs, This brings back some great memories. I had this for my ZX Spectrum, which I still have. That price is crazy though, this should be Free for ‘memory sake’. Will never pay that. Atleast bring it under $10

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