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Garmin Releases v5.0.1 For The Bold & Others?

Taylor and Josep sent me a link to a thread on BBForums talking about the latest version of the Garmin GPS application for the Bold. The thread author, CornerCarver, has nothing but praise for the latest version which is impressive considering how hobbled the original version was for BlackBerry. This might not take off yet because the Bold is not officially out in the US and the maps seem to be US only for now… Also I have not managed to find any other references that the application is Bold compatible but I will take CornerCarvers word on that.

Some of the key features pointed out:

  • Links to your address book
  • Traffic updates
  • Panoramio – Pictures of scenic locations
  • Always updated POI database
  • Flight Status

The price is still $99.99 for the life of your device which is a pretty good deal or $9.99 per month. Has anybody had a chance to check it out on their Bold? I am curious to see how it performs…

Version 5.0.1 seems to also be available for other BlackBerry devices. Check out the latest version at or Handango. There is also mention that the 20% off coupon SAVE20NOW will save you 20% off the $99.99 price. On the other hand Garmin does not show up if you select the Bold as your phone on Handango…

Its a GPS mystery 🙂

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  1. It IS bold compatible, BUT when visiting the supplied links it way say it’s not you have to visit
    PS: Canadian users can download but as it stands now, have no way to order as its for US only.

  2. Oh ya, almost forgot..the handango link only offers 4.0 and will not give you the new version or a working code for the new version
    And this has got to be the best GPS app for BB I have used so far, I dunno what I’m gonna do when the trial runs out 🙁

  3. Are the maps stored local

  4. I recently downloaded the Garmin product for my BB from the Garmin site. I liked it so I went to the Handango site and purchased a registration code. When I put the code in, I received an error that the code was not correct. After researching this with a Garmin Tech, I learned that Handango has a “Handango Branded” version which is “slightly different” from the version provided on the Garmin site. The code provided by Handango will ONLY work on the “Handango Branded” version!

    So …. word to the wise. If you are willing to fully depend on Handango as your source of distribution for the Garmin product, then Handango is a fair option. Otherwise, buy it from Garmin and save yourself the hassle.

    And for what it’s worth, once I found out that there are differences, I kindly asked for my money back from Handango. They flat refused, even though my registration code did not work AND I did not obtain what I originally thought I purchased. So not only do they not disclose they are not selling the actual Garmin product, they also don’t honor their return policy.

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