Poll: BlackBerry OS. What is the alternative?

What if ??? As a purely hypothetical question (and more out of morbid curiosity); If RIM were to foreclose tomorrow and BlackBerry devices were no longer available, which platform/device OS would you go with? There is a fair bit of devices out there to choose from so I decided to focus on the operating systems powering these devices. Let me know if I missed any in the comments.

Have your say in the poll and let us know:

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  1. Heh, people would rather die than use symbian or palm

  2. Since Android is not out how can people say they would switch to that tomorrow?

    It is an untested OS as of yet, everyone acting like it is the next great thing. I personally would wait until it was at least available to see how it is for myself before picking that.

  3. That is a definite tough one. It would be a toss up between an Android branded phone or just getting a iPhone. If I was to based on the phone that are out (bout to come out real soon) I would put the iPhone because I’m not liking the looking of the first Android phone the HTC G1 aka Dream.

    But if they put Android on something like the HTC Touch HD, then Android all the way!

  4. I would just have to go back to hating my palm device.

  5. I’d go for Android as I’ve been following it since it was announced and we’ll see in not too long when the dream is released if it lives up to the hype.
    A few Google videos of it in action are promising!

  6. Where is the poll option “I don’t think Greg knows what foreclose means”?

  7. @Bob

    Good question, and as someone who voted for Android, I’ll answer. For me, at any rate. 🙂

    I refuse to go back to PalmOS, that way madness lies. I’ve heard so much about problems with the iPhone, that I’m not going to shuck out the money and take the risk. After a long stint with Windoze on my smartphone, *never* *again*.

    Doesn’t leave many choices, does it? I suppose I could give Symbian a try, but I’ve been looking into Android (mostly the SDK), and I like what I see.

    I could give death a try, but it’s darned hard to return it for a different platform. Unless reincarnation really does work, I suppose…

  8. Thanks for all your feedback. I find it interesting that BlackBerry users would choose an untried OS instead of going to Apple or Windows as an alternative.

  9. as a long time RIM user I will never go back once I get an android based phone

  10. As a former WinMo (Treo 700) and Palm (Tungsten T1) user let me say that I’ll not be going back to either of those dogs any time soon. To be fair, at least PalmOS seemed fairly reliable; WinMo tried to make me kill myself – is was a total nightmare that somehow only got worse over time.

    THAT being said, at this point I’d pretty easily go with iPhone. The battery could be better, but it now supports push, has a *thriving* software ecosystem and developer community. All Apple “fanboi” stuff aside — forget about all the pres, etc — it’s just a good phone to use. It’s still young and there are quirks to be worked out, but it’s off to a great start.

  11. I smell something fishy here. Yesterday (even before Android released) Android was a clear winner over the iPhone. Now today suddenly the iPhone has 1 more vote than Android? I think you poll got hacked.

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