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McAfee Releases Mobile Anti-Theft for BlackBerry v. 1.0 BETA

I was browsing and I found yet another application that may help you recover your precious blackberry from McAfee. this program may come in handy in case you loose it or some one with sticky fingers gets  a hold of your BB.  We have mentioned a few of those berry locator programs before such as roblock. McAfee anti-theft is nothing revolutionary but it is a very handy and easy to use program.


Mcafee anti-theft has the ability to assign multiple SIM cards which is ideal for those that tend to use more than one service /line on their BB.

I was impressed that the application only takes 56k of memory for what it does. There are two main features used to inform you in case your blackberry gets lost or stolen by using email and/or SMS allowing you to assign more than one email and phone number to contact you. If some one inserts a SIM card on the phone other than what you have added then the program will send you  messages to the assigned email or phone number. The program has an option to set how many times you want it to contact you and what what time frame in between intervals. Unlike some of the other pay applications right now this beta is free for to try until the end of the year which wouldn’t be a bad idea to have this install just incase something happened.

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With this program when you get notify you not only get notify that some one has your cell phone but it also includes the phone number to the unknown SIM card but also data that can be used at to find the location of the stolen phone.

You can get these application at from your blackberry browser using product number 34074 or by PC by heading over to this LINK.

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  1. These type of applications are of limited use for CDMA devices, especially for Verizon, since

    1) there is typically no SIM card (only for world-edition devices, and that is outside of the US only);

    2) Verizon cripples the GPS.

  2. Hmmm, I wonder if this would be a compelling reason for Verizon to uncripple the GPS. These types of apps are useless for Verizon customers because neither of the two scenarios apply, unless you are using an 8830 which only has the SIM card.

  3. OK so I downloaded this and the package names are “PhonebaK” after some searches I found that this is actually traced back to a company in Singapore and not McAfee, the application signature is also signed to a company in Singapore and not McAfee. I am wondering if this is actually McAfee or some sort of trojan. Be careful.

  4. “in case you loose it “?

    If it’s loose, put some glue on it.

    Ah, you mean “LOSE” it.

  5. “recover your precious blackberry from McAfee”

    Why, did McAfee stole it from you?

    Grammar and punctuation, dear sir….

  6. While this sort of thing would be nice for a end user, for someone like Verizon it’s a waste of their time. Enabling support for such a “customer friendly” class of applications is unlikely to EVER be in the cards from Verizon. With CDMA, it’s not like you can just pop in a different SIM card and use the device (though I suppose a stolen device could be offloaded in Europe). Lose your device, and Verizon (or Sprint or Alltel or Telus or whoever) just disables the ESN for that CDMA device and it can no longer do anything but call 911, and YOU either have to buy a replacement device or hope the $50 replacement insurance comes through for you (if you have it!). There’s no incentive for Verizon to monetize, and as we see with their entire “open” plan it’s all about monetizing. So, forget ever being able to use this sort of app on Verizon phones… 🙁

  7. This does not appear to be an official product of McAfee. First, I do not understand why McAfee would release a beta on rather than their own site. As a security company, it would seem to contradict their own business model. Second, a quick google of the product and search of the McAfee site shows no such existence of a product in beta. No press releases, nothing. I agree with Rick, this app has trojan written all over it. And as Rick mentioned, if the product was not signed by McAfee, you have to wonder why the product is being pushed under the McAfee brand. I would guess to garner false trust from the community. Install at your own risk.

  8. Can someone provide a link to the product description for this application? I could not find it on McAfee’s website. This looks cool, but want to learn a bit more before I install it. Thanks

  9. I just installed it on my 8310 (AT&T) and it works perfectly! Thank you for this post… When it’s out of Beta, I’ll be purchasing it. Between McAfee and Get It Back, I feel pretty secure about getting my Berry back should someone steal it. Of course they’ll have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands first. lol

    Link for more info:

  10. Installed it on an 8310 and it seems to work OK. Do have some reservations since I can find no information on the McAfee site. In the about seceen it gives a URL that takes you back to the main McAfee site.

    Sent an inquiry to McAfee about the product. If I do not get a response back in 24 hrs I will delete it and rtestore my BB back to preinstallation.

  11. Yeah a Google search does not show this anywhere but GetJar, you would think McAfee would make a bigger deal if this was theirs, I don’t think it is. It is either some kind of malware, or some other company trying to make a buck using the McAfee logo, it will probably get taken down soon for trademark violation or something. You would think Getjar would monitor/filter this sort of thing.

  12. Looks like a trial version by Mcafee but probably powered by bak2u? bak2u is quite strong from the looks on their website covering so many os. is a reputatable website and I trust it with many of my applications from there. Should be a mcafee brand and bak2u engine.

  13. It is from Mcafee afterall. Found this from a search.

    Found the link:

    Has the blackberry image, probably just very new.

  14. But when you go to that site there is no mention of Blackberry. So???

  15. As I said it is probably very new not up yet. It is afterall a trial right?

  16. Thomas Tim, it is obvious you work for BAK2u, why don’t you just say so and fill people in instead of pretending to be a regular user.

  17. Is this application workable worldwide as long as in gsm network?

  18. I used and followed the indications for locate my Blackberry trough celltomap but I can´t

  19. This is stupid. Only works if the thief replaces the SIM card, like you average thief knows what the heck a SIM card is, this is worthless.

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