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AT&T Pushes Bold Back AGAIN?

You can be the judges on this particular issue. An internal product sheet for AT&T gives clue to the possibility that they might not be carrying the BlackBerry Bold until November. That’s right, however this is not confirmed, in fact the BGR is sticking with his October 2nd release date. I suppose that only Father Time will have the answer.

I can say that I believe AT&T might have missed their chance on this one. If they do push this off until November, the device will have lost much of it’s appeal. It will no longer be the latest and greatest. Especially if Verizon pushed the Storm out the door at the same time.

Anyway, here is the product sheet dated September 17 2008. (Click for full sized image. Thanks to the BGR for digging this one up.


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  1. It’s been reported that Apple’s stooge developed “pinball” system of utilizing At&t’s 3g system has caused it to go “tilt” due to the massive requirements, and that while RIM’s may be far less due to their far superior platform which among other things utilizes their own servers, that, in fact, the network simply doesn’t have capacity to accomodate the Bold due to the iPhone’s inefficiencies.
    That is the reason for potential delay, I believe, and just one of the myriad headaches At&t is currently facing by having agreed to carry Mr.Job’s gizzmo.

  2. Yeah these delays got me thinking about the storm now *at&t bastards*

  3. Ironically, Apple’s serious security problems for enterprise are directly related to this!
    If they utilized their own servers business communications wouldn’t be a matter of public record and they wouldn’t be sucking up the whole network:)
    You’d of thought that they’d of studied RIM’s perfect model, but Job’s, Moe & Larry did it on the fly trying to grab bales of $cash 😀

  4. I don’t claim to be a tech guru,but I am your average everyday consumer slut puppy and my honest humble opinion its call CHRISTMAS

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