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8310 Curve OS & Bold OS Found Online!

detectivestockThanks to three different secret agents for sending this in. OS for the 8310 Curve and OS for the Bold 9000 have been found making their way around the internet.

Point in fact:

BlackBerry Bold 9000 – Link 1

BlackBerry Curve 8310 – Link 1Link 2

Thanks again to our secret agents! Let us know if you notice anything different.

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Sob sob, where is my 8320 update??

  2. Im sticking to 4.5.0 69 for my 8320 unless an official update comes out.. .69 is the best.. not one issue and i’ve had it for over a month.

  3. Do we know what this update includes?

  4. Yes, me too, my .69 works well also.

  5. the link for the Bold doesn’t work anymore 🙁

  6. Do your agents know when will be released ?

  7. Where’s the love for the Pearl 8100?

  8. Man, where is the link for the 8320? I need that love! because .69 sucks…

  9. Jur Jur…

    My Bold had 36 mb free after a reset. After install this OS I’ve got 55 mb free ram!!! Is this the end of memory leaks?

    It appears a new folder called “Instant Messagin” too

  10. Obviously it was a mirage. After connect again and start application loader, some more packages were installed and I’ve returned to have 36 mb free. 🙁

  11. WARNING: Got fatal error in Desktop Manager.

  12. I have on my 8320 and have big memory problems. I have to take the battery out much more often than before, plus my phone turns off when connecting or during calls sometimes.

  13. Got .81 installed on my 8310 and everything works great. No problems at all!

  14. I’m running .69 on my 8310 now and it’s fine… What would be the advantage(s) of upgrading to .81? Does it speed things up at all, because I have noticed my Berry gets a little sluggish when I’m multitasking…

  15. Downloading now. I will let you know how it turns out.

  16. I have been running it all day, it doesnt feel any different to me then .69 did. I had zero problems with .69 though. i am not positive but i think i might have gained a little bit of free memory. All in all no noticable difference from .69 but i am sure there has to be something different under the hood to make a new revision up.

  17. So far so good. I seem to have went from 18mb to 22.5mb free. I was running .55 before this (.69 did not do well on my phone). This one seems to be running fine. One thing that I have noticed is that I have not lost any memory since installing it several hours ago. I will let you know if something goes wrong.

  18. There seems to be less lag, and I did get a memory boost with .81. I’m still looking for other differences. I’ll post if I discover anything significant, although I would be surprised. A nice bit of stability with this release.

  19. Ronen … you are the bomb!

  20. By far the best release ever! Rockk solid, fast, and spiced with nifty new features. Extreme gain of memory and performance.

    People should stick with the “official version” or contribute.
    Why would one say “I stay with .69, it’s great” – without knowing what .81 has in store? heh

  21. We need another beta for our 8320s.69 leaks memory like crazy for me, sometime I start with 14mb free and end up with less then 1 after a couple of days. Then its battery removal time and the cycle begins again. Not to mention the delays and the spinning hour glass, I hate 69, but I’m not going back, I would like to move fwd.

  22. I have the same issues with .69 that GT reports.

  23. Let me know when you find it for the 8320 cuz im getting sick of the hourglass on .69

  24. Reports from v4.6.0.147 to .150 are small changes to steaming media function on the browser.

  25. Ringtone volume level and media player volume still suck for the 8310.

  26. On MediaPlayer the searches don’t works fine. All the rest great.

  27. I just found for 8120

    Unfortunately, I don’t have 8120, just 8110 and 8320. Kindly inform me if you find.

    Have fun…

  28. I just noticed today that after upgrading to .81 on my 8310 I can only access the device memory for custom ringtones for individual contacts. I can still set the main ringtone to an mp3 on my SD card though.

  29. I found a way around my issue. If you go into the profile and create your own exceptions you can set the ringtone to whatever it stored in the SD card. Before when selecting a ringtone from the add custom ring tone on the menu it would create the exception for you.

  30. Hi Oran,

    Thanks for your info, I didn’t notice for the 8110.

  31. What about media? Ever since my 4.5 upgrade my clips are all cropped. Also when streaming the 8310 tends to get a little over worked and resets. Anyone have these problems or a solution?

  32. don’t do battery pull for reset on BB QWERTY devices…

    use “ALT+(RT)SHIFT+DEL” to reset 🙂

  33. So .81 is causing mine to re-boot in the middle of phone calls. Sometimes after 28 minutes, sometimes after 10 seconds. VERY frustrating. Is RIM aware of this problem? The e-boards certainly seem to be. T-mobile and 8320 in answer to anyone’s question.

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