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Review: Case-Mate Privacy Screen – Shield Your Berry From Unwanted Eyes

image Review: Case-Mate Privacy Screen
[rating:8] 8/10
Cost: $14.95 @ The BerryReview Store

Have you ever been in a situation where you were looking at something on your BlackBerry that was private and you feel that familiar feeling of prying eyes? I know that in this day in age when privacy is extremely important many people choose to avoid looking at sensitive materials all together. Well you no longer have to worry about that pesky neighbor thanks to Case-Mate’s Privacy Screen!

This particular item is for a BlackBerry Curve however I have been using it on my 8830 for over a week now without any modification. I suspect that this would work for any 88XX, 83XX and 81XX (with a little snip snip) without any issues. I am not sure as to the screen size on the Bold, but it could work with it too as it is a little larger than my 8830 screen. I tried to get some pictures of this screen on my device but they didn’t turn out no matter how hard I tried! But this image from Case-Mate explains the Privacy Screen very well.


The one issue that I had with this screen protector is that it is a little bit thick. This is not really noticeable when you  are just looking at it, but you can definitely feel the lip when you run your fingers over it. I am a little concerned that this might catch on things and begin to peel. I will keep you all posted with a follow-up in a couple of months!

Overall if you have an issue with people spying on your Berry I would recommend this in a heartbeat! If you don’t, you can probably look past this particular product.

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  1. Is it ‘crystal clear’? I know reviews of other products have mentioned having to turn the screen brightness up to adjust for the dimness the protector created.

  2. I actually tried this and have an RMA issued from Case-Mate to send it back.

    No matter how hard you try, you can’t get the bubbles from underneath the protector. Also, because it is so tacky, it attracts dust and lint like nobody’s business. I was constantly cleaning it because of dust and lint. I hated it and it’s going back!

    And no, it’s not crystal clear at all. It’s smoke colored.

  3. Kris is right, it is smoked colored. I never had any problems with being able to see the screen though. The 8830 has replaced several lighthouse lights on the east coast however

    As far as getting the bubbles out, I didn’t have any issues with that but I can definitely see what you are talking about with the lint.

  4. I have used this product for several mos prior to finding sheildz screen protector. It does attract dust but it is washable under running water. If you need the privacy protection it is the way to go but if you just want to protect the screen from scratches I highly recommend the Sheildz screen protector.

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