Google My Location Gets Accuracy Upgrade

Googlemapsversion201Nothing crazy here but hopefully this means the end of the “your location within 3000 meters” message in Google Maps for BlackBerry. Google somehow tuned their algorithm for calculating your position based on cellphone towers to narrow down your location drastically. You don’t need to do anything to get the update since it has been updated on their servers.

via Google Mobile Blog

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  1. ok i have version 2.3.1 and it still says 5000 meters. my location always says i am over 2 miles from where i actually live. the feature is so annoying. it used to work months ago but the last few versions sucked

  2. what a bummer
    I have an 8320 that had ver 2.2.2 and voice search worked great…

    I upgraded to this version to get street level and now pushing the voice button goes straight to voice dialing….did voice search just go away?

  3. My radius went from 1700 meters to 800 meters on my 8330. Pretty slick.

  4. I also have not noticed any improvement with the “My Location” feature on my non-GPS 8320.

    I have vLingo installed, so the Key that used to use the Voice Search for GMaps now is taken over entirely by vLingo. If I am in GMaps and say “Starbucks” vLingo does not look in GMaps. If I say “Map Starbucks” vLingo also does not look in GMaps. How annoying.

  5. Im def bummed that this fuctionality was lost…
    It was the most useful feature to me for this app…

  6. My radius got tighter but my actual location is no longer in the radius.

  7. I still see the 5000 meters thing. Doubly annoying since it is still there… And we measure in “feet” here in the states. Meters are for Canadians! Blame Canada!

  8. I have an 8310 with GPS and it still has the radius! I thought GPS was supposed to know where you are? Last time I tried to use google maps to find a place, it placed my dot about two blocks north of everywhere I went… at one point I was on a road and it said I was in the middle of a field. It used to work so well, but not lately. Seems like they need to stop trying to improve!!

  9. I agree, until I upgraded to this new version my old google maps use to give me my location within 1700 meters and now it ranges from 3000-5000….way to improve.

  10. It’s now actually a little WORSE for me. It was a mile off, now it’s a mile and a half. I apparently live on the loading docks of the new Super Walmart.

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