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DreamBerry: Default Save Number To Mobile Instead Of Work

addtoaddress[1] Now this is a piece of functionality that has been bothering me since my first BlackBerry. When you get called by a new number you can go into the call list, select the number, hit the menu key, and add it to your address book. The problem is that RIM seems to think that all new numbers are work numbers.  A friend of mind asked me about this recently and I told him that I have been copying and pasting numbers into the mobile field for years.

Would it kill RIM to add a prompt asking what type of number it is? Even my age old Sony Ericsson t68i had this feature! Or better yet could RIM let us add a number to an existing contact? RIM has PIM management down to a T on the BlackBerry which makes me wonder why there is such a glaring oversight such as this….

Has anybody managed to find a way around this? Or do we once again need an entrepreneuring developer to step in and fix the little things.

So I add this to RIM’s should have always been there feature list:

  • Vibe+Ring
  • Silence camera
  • Default number other than work…

Got any others to add?

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  1. I agree with being able to change the default save to something other than work. However the silence camera issue, some countries and states require the manufacture to have a camera sound because of some instances they were we being used were it was deemed inappropriate i.e. voyeurism, etc.. I do not think RIM will ever give us an option to turn it off.

  2. Automatic profile switching.

  3. I want Threaded SMS messaging. Please 🙂

  4. How about more than one mobile #. Or really just being able to customize each contact. So if they don’t have a home # I can remove that or change it to something that makes sense.

  5. I totally agree; the camera sound does not bother me. How about the “vibe” being stronger so you can feel it when it’s in your pocket. The ringer is worthless if it’s in your pocket, but I would prefer a “stronger vibe”.

  6. Most of the things that annoy me about my BlackBerry are due to the way third-party software is written. Maybe you should start another list. For example, why do so many programs ask you to confirm that you really want to exit the program when you select Close from the menu? The only time I should be asked is when unsaved data will be lost if I exit. Otherwise it’s just one more unnecessary click keeping me from getting on with what I want to do.

  7. Specify and save “send from” email address by contact or category. Work contacts get message from work email address, personal contacts get email from personal email. This way I dont’ have to rely on my remembering to switch from address.

  8. Another thing! Fricken let me change the led notification light! Like on my 7100t.

  9. I agree with Ronen’s comments, and hope he forwards them to RIM’s suggestions email address.
    Sounds like it’d be easy for them to fix 🙂

  10. I don’t know if the camera sound can really be linked to dissuading voyeurism anymore since so many phones now record video.

    @ Moese
    For most platforms and languages it’s drummed into programmers to do the query before exiting. There’s too many instances of people shutting down programs with errant keystrokes. I agree with you though, in most cases it would be easy enough to incorporate a flag to check if any changes have been made and only then ask.

  11. How about a simple one… make the hotkeys for the Delete and Save dialog boxes anything other than two keys that are so damned close to each other! Many times I want to hit S, I end up hitting D quite accidentally.

  12. @RedNightHawk…
    Regarding the prompt to close before exiting, maybe a per app setting where you have the checkbox to ‘never ask me again’ in the same dialog box would be a happy medium for everybody?

  13. I also hate that I have to copy and paste numbers from “work” to “mobile”. It’s stupid, really. I understand that BBs are (were?) meant to be primarily business handsets but I find it hard to believe that there aren’t just as many consumer users as well.

    I, like Nate, would really like threaded/IM style SMS. That was actually one of the few things I liked about my (now retired) iPhone.

    The camera sound doesn’t bug me though- I’m not trying to be sneaky with my photo taking. LOL

  14. Oh yeah, and I would also like to be able to lock down/password protect folders without 3rd party apps. I have FileLock, but I don’t like that it just “hides” things and in order to re-access things I’ve locked, I have to go back and unlock them. A password would be way better.

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