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Some of you who may frequent might have noticed that I am a bit of a case junkie. I am constantly searching for cases and accessories that make my BlackBerry’s life better. I have found my favorite case to date in Fortte’s Vertical Pouch. If you think you have one that can top it let me know!

The Review Unit:

The unit that Fortte sent me to review is the Vertical Pouch in the Brandy Saddle color with the Removable Low Profile Ratchet Clip. One of the best parts about the Fortte company is the ability to customize your order. They have 32 color combinations available, more than enough to  make the choice difficult. They also have 7 clip/strap choices as well as the option to have the product embossed with your own logo. It should be noted that anything other than the basic selections will alter the price of the case.

Fortte_091208_0001 Fortte_091208_0003

When I first spoke with the people at Fortte they let me know that since the cases are made to order, the delivery time could be as long as three weeks. This kind of bummed me out a little bit at first, but then I realized that there is no way they could stock every single color for every device that they sell cases for. In the end, it ended up being about 2 weeks before I had the case at my door.

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I opened up the package and I could immediately smell quality leather. The feel of this case is outstanding. In many ways, it is similar to the OEM pouch that came with my 8830. This case however has worked much better for me than the RIM case did. The front of the case is made of leather that has a very nice feel to it, it is kind of rough. The back of this two toned color scheme is a smooth leather which is a little bit darker in color. The strap that closes the case is that same smooth leather.

Fortte_091208_0002 Fortte_091208_0004

I like to show a sense of style in the way that I present myself, and this case is definitely stylish! The front of the case is actually a little bit padded which adds a lot in terms of how the case feels. It is much softer than most leather goods. The inside of the case is a nice, soft no scratch material providing an excellent home for any screen. The case also features a proximity sensor in the back which is powerful enough to put your Berry into sleep mode no matter which way you prefer to carry it.

The leather strap with the magnetic closure is also a very nice feature. I like the snap feeling that the case presents, unlike just the magnet that holds the OEM case shut. This gives you audible and physical feedback so you can rest assured that your Berry wont be falling out! The logo and name of the company sits on the front of the case and is actually very classy. If you choose to customize your case, you can choose the color of the emblem or choose not to have it at all. Although I think that it would look a little plain without the cool little chess piece.

Fortte_091208_0009 Fortte_091208_0008

The clip that I chose is the low profile ratchet clip. I really like the fact that when disconnected from the clip, you can barely feel the little clip attachment on the back of the case. After using this case for a while, I think that I should have picked a different clip, as I have rarely found myself removing the case from the clip.


  • Gorgeous design and materials
  • Proximity sensor
  • USB charging port is not blocked


  • Might be a little expensive by the time you have fully tricked it out
  • 3 week wait is a long time (but worth it!)


This case is amazing. I will continue to use it (unless I am testing out other cases!) for a long time to come. I would and already have recommend it to anyone. I don’t think however that I would recommend the low profile ratcheting belt clip on this particular case. I think the standard fixed clip would have worked just fine, but that was my own fault!

Fortte also has a whole slew of cases for just about any device you can think of at their website. Unfortunatly at this time, Fortte’s products are not available at the BerryReview Store.

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  1. I concur. I ordered a Fortte case and found it to be the best I’ve had. The low profile clip on mine broke from stress and I ordered a replacement with the same result. I liked the case so much (and hate typical belt clips so much) that I ordered a new one with a belt loop since, as you indicated, there is no need to remove the case from your belt. I have gone the cheap route before with disappointment … this case is for the long haul and can hold up to it!

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