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BBText2IM- Threaded SMS Officially Released!

BBText2IM[11] I personally thought that this day was never going to come. Being a former Treo user, there was one thing that I missed dearly when migrating over to my beloved BlackBerry and that was threaded SMS messaging. Well no more mourning BlackBerry lovers. Wheatoncs, maker of the wonderful Profile Scheduler, has officially released their BBText2IM application!

We have mentioned this program a couple of times while the product was still in Beta testing and they have come a long way since our initial announcement. Basically this program converts all of your SMS messages into something that resembles an instant message. If you happen to be having a conversation with a friend via SMS and they respond while you are typing them a message, you can modify what you are typing just by looking up. No more saving your text as a draft and opening the newest message.

BBText2IM[2] BBText2IM[3]



Add to this the customization options that BBText2IM has presented and you have a beautiful and elegant way to handle your text messages. You can assign different colors, based on a single contact, to your messages and text as well as the other party’s messages and text. Or set up global preferences to handle all your color choices.

If this application sounds like it may be for you, head on over to the Handango Store and pick up the free 7 day trial. It should also be noted that the application is on sale for an introductory rate of $9.99. I’m not sure how long this price is good for, or what the full retail price is, so if you’re interested you had better act now.

Stay tuned for a full review to follow!

From Handango’s Product Page

Threaded SMS on the BlackBerry is now a reality! Tired of the cumbersome built in SMS application? Wish you could save the conversations you are in? Ready for a change?
Version 1.0
What can the program do?

  • Allow you to hold an instant messenger like conversation via SMS.
  • Allow you to send complete conversations via email to anyone.
  • The program is currently tested on a large number of BlackBerry devices on OS 4.1, 4.2 and 4.5

If you notice any changes from the .9 Beta, please add a comment!

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  1. there is no 7 day free trial at handango only purchase !

  2. i agree with duck383 no trial only purchase ugh

  3. ya whats up with that?! Also, there is a SEND TO PHONE AVAILABLE link for a sms to be sent so we can download OTA, but that isn’t working. I think i would pay the $9.99 especially since it is a official version now, and not in BETA, but does anyone know how to download it OTA?!

  4. If they can’t make their website work, are we sure that the application works? I think I’ll wait until others have paid for it before I consider it any further.

  5. Likewise, frustrated because there is no trial.

  6. They need to get this fixed, I played with the BETA versions and was frustrated with all the bugs it had. Now it’s official, but you can’t even OTA/download a trial. Grrrrr.

  7. This program doesnt work well with BBAlerts, if you use that also. You still need to go back and mark all the messages as read. PASSING!

  8. Sorry guys!
    I wrote the post yesterday and as of 5PM Mountain time yesterday there was a 7 day trial on this application!

    You do have to mark the messages as read, but if you text a lot this is well worth it.

  9. hello all i found the 7 day trial , it is in handango (beta) . didnt realize there was a handango and handang beta .

  10. Well, I’ll let me son consider this interesting and potentially very useful program after he gets my Curve.
    I’ll be getting the Bold, hopefully early next month, at a contract renewal and county government discount 🙂

  11. I downloaded the 7day trial of this program. At first, I loved it. The concept of this program is great since I love seeing my messages shadow programs like BBM, AIM, or Google Talk. But they need to fix the problem when you get notifications that you have a new message. You have to go back to your SMS or messages folder and mark as read. If that can be fixed, I’d buy this program in a heartbeat.

  12. I concur with Matt. For this very reason, I quickly uninstalled.

  13. i downloaded the app , one concern
    is once my blackberry is locked and i receive a text mess , as i put in my password and it accepts , and the screen says please wait (usually 1-2 sec +,- to open) the app seems to make my blackberry take an extra 15-20 ++
    seconds to finally get to the home screen . any ideas , when i don’t have a text mess its almost instantly opens up.

  14. Never was a fan of this app.
    Good Idea, terribly clunky execution.

    What I would like to know though is where did you get that awesome looking theme in your 1st screenshot?

    I’ll take my answer off the air.

  15. They have some great looking themes. You do have to pay for them though, but they will customize which icons are on the homescreen for you for free!

  16. i would by it if it was able to take my sms icons away once i checked and replied to that message but if they are just going to stay up until i go to sms and mark all as read then that is some bull shit!

  17. Will you ever release an update so it can be compatible for the 8900 cause i have already tested it and it works on my phone the only problem is that i have to delete prior msg in the RIM msg inbox. That is not the case when the phone is on idle and i need to open a missed msg.

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