eOffice 4.5 Brings Microsoft™ Office Suite to Blackberry

Quickoffice®, the leading global provider of mobile office productivity software and services, announced today the availability of its latest version of eOffice™ 4.5 , the productivity office suite for Blackberry smartphones…with a special introductory rate of $29.95.

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This latest version brings an improved interface allowing users to easily access, view and share Microsoft Excel, Word, Powerpoint & PDF files along with comprehensive editing capabilities for Word and Excel. eOffice™ users can also fax and print their documents directly from their Blackberry device, essentially allowing them complete control of their office files while they are away from the office.


eOffice™ also includes support for Google Docs and Spreadsheets and is compatible with Blackberry devices running 4.5 and pre 4.5 operating systems.


For more information, visit Dynoplex’s website.

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  1. Is this eOffice version 4.3 or version 4.5? I cannot find version 4.5 on their website. Am I missing something?

  2. I believe you got the price wrong. The introductory rate is $69.95 (instead of $99.95) and there is an upgrade price of $19.95 for previous users of the suite.

  3. I also do not see this latest version (4.5) posted on their website. The information I listed in the post is from a press release that was sent to me directly.

  4. Just an FYI-
    They did change the web page from this morning….
    It does now show version 4.5 @ the promotional price of $29.95. This sounds like a really good deal.


  5. Xavier,

    It says $29.95 on the top banner.

  6. just gave the trial a spin.
    the concept is good.
    the program is horrible. tiny graphics, tiny fonts. horrible menus.

  7. For some reason the OTA version is still at 4.3

  8. I have v. 4.3 and it’s one of the most frustrating programs I’ve ever had to work with. I didn’t find eFile to be at all intuitive … eWord and Excel would not open my “native” word and excel files … eZcase would not allow me to paste passwords from other documents (like emails), so I had to type them in manually … the list goes on.

    I tried to download v. 4.5 to see if there would be *any* improvement at all. When I attempted to install it though, it asked me if I wanted to replace v. 4.3 with v. 4.3. Ummmm … no! Where is v. 4.5?!

    So really, I’m not sure what’s going on … I’m very fed up at this point … I figure I’ll just cut my losses and forget about this garbage.

  9. HELP!!! Finally on the 3rd try I got eOffice 4.5 downloaded up and working. However the problem is that eOffice has taken over my videos and music they will no longer play in the BB media player and eOffice won’t read all my tunes. Other than unloading eOffice what’s my options.

  10. We are sorry for inconvenience
    In this case please open options(with BB) -> Advanced Options -> Applications -> press the Menu Button -> Modules -> find
    dynoplex_jsr211 -> press the menu button -> Delete After that Perform “cold” reset, i.e.: remove the battery for 10-15 seconds without turning the device off and then turn it on

    Or you have to wait till new version of eOffice is released on our web-site.

    It will happen in 1 week and you’ll get a notification

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