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VibAndRing Update- Now Get Multiple Bursts of Vibration

screenshot160 I received an email at about 2:30 this morning that informed me that VibAndRing version 1.1 was now available. This is up from 1.0.

If you have not heard of this application before, basically it allows your Berry to vibrate at the same time as the audible ring, rather than vibrate then ring. This is one of those programs that as soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to have it!

The biggest change that I have noticed is the ability to have multiple bursts of vibration rather than one long buzz. You can even tell the program how long apart the vibrations should occur at. It looks like they also cleaned up the interface a little bit.

If you need to upgrade, I believe you will need to log in to the store that you purchased it from and get the upgrade that way. I don’t see anything inside the program itself that checks for updates.

If you don’t currently have this app but want it, you can pick it up at the BerryReview Store for a cheap $6.95. This is actually a discounted price as the application is currently on sale. Get it before September 17 to avoid paying $8.95.

Once again, since this application is already on sale, you cannot use the BerryReview Labor Day Sale code for a larger discount.

Here is the official Change Log

Version 1.1:
– Multiple Bursts
– You can freely set the amount of bursts
– The milliseconds for each burst are changeable
– It is possible to set the pause between the bursts in milliseconds
– The Vibration-Alert can be tested in the application
– ‘Help-Text’ accessable in the application
– Active after a reset
– The Bold is supported
– Improved User Interface
– Tell-A-Friend Option included

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  1. Where is the trial version?

  2. Does anyone know if it also controls the vibrate on other alerts (SMS, Email, Calendar)?

    Do they offer a trial version?


  3. Yea, why noone answer abt viberate for email, sms or else? I did downloaded that site and I was very disappointed this is only works for incoming calls only. There’s a lot of deafs own blackberry. They sure will be appreciate for having long viberate for sms, email n messenger. We have plm to feel it limited viberate. Please get something better of long viberate for us (hearing impaired ppls) thank you very much.

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