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RIM Teases With IM Clients – Verizon Gets AIM & ICQ

logo_aim Every once in awhile RIM manages to completely confuse me. If you read the title of a press release stating: “AOL and RIM to Bring AOL Mail, AIM and ICQ Services to BlackBerry Smartphones Worldwide.” What would you think?

At first I thought that it meant RIM had finally removed all of the stupid restrictions based on carrier for downloading their AIM and ICQ clients. Turns out I was wrong. I tried it from an AT&T 8310 and a couple of friends checked it out for me from their carriers. No luck. Turns out that the only carrier that seems to have recently gotten AIM & ICQ that I can confirm is Verizon. The sad thing is that before RIM got its Gtalk client I was an avid AIM user. Now a few years later I don’t use AIM at all and use Gtalk exclusively.

If you have Verizon you can pick up the clients at:
OR directly at:

If everybody could try and download the clients from their carrier and report back in the comments I would appreciate it. You may need to resend your service books and register on the network to get the new service book required for AIM.

Thanks to Tom & Sovak for sending this one in!

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  1. I was able to install it on my Sprint Curve 8330. Maybe it will work on other CDMA phones.

  2. Works great on VZW 8130.

    Glad to be rid of the Mobile IM icon. Who make that thing anyway a 3 year old!

  3. It’s working on Orange in the Dominican Republic, I registered with the network and noticed the AIM and ICQ service books, downloaded the AIM application and it’s working correctly.

  4. I’m pretty certain I can get ICQ and AOL for my T-Mo BB too.

  5. I installed it on my Verizon 8830 with OS 4.5
    As soon as I got it connected and started playing with it, my Blackberry crashed. After the reboot, it seems to be working great.

  6. VZW 8830/OS v4.5.0.77 on BES. Re-sent service books, and re-registered on the network. Launched app, and encountered “This application has been disabled by IT Policy.” Oh well, I’ll continue to use BeejiveIM (aka JiveTalk)! 😉

  7. on ATT&T 8310 curve, I attempted to download the AIM client and got the error “Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support AOL Instant Messenger for BlackBerry.” Oh well… back to my IM+ client!!

    I am using a BES Server, but there are no security policies on my account.

  8. Works great on VZW 8330!!

  9. I dont get this article and the whole carrier restriction. I’ve always been able to get all IM programs except until recently MSN. MY 8330 form Sprint had homepage links to install Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Googletalk. Now MSN also works. But it all doesnt matter to me since I have both BeeJive and IM+. easier than having 4 separate programs running though I do love how they integrate into all the menus and whatnot

  10. I have had this on my sprint blackberry for about a month now…. Its not new

  11. Does this go through data or text messaging? Because the old mpobile I’m for verizon used to be through text so I purchased jivetalk. Does this new program now go through data. Or still lousy old text message?

  12. Works great on my 8830. But I don’t use any of these since I bought IM+ a few years ago.

    IM+ serves my needs quite well by allowing me to log into multiple gmail/yahoo/aol/MSN/ICQ and other Jabber accounts all at once with one application. And with Free updates for life, it’s a good value for me.

  13. Does this use data or text messaging??? Thanks

  14. It appears to uses data. I’m pretty sure all these new IM programs FROM RIM use data and not SMS. The SMS variations were usually produced by the messaging services (as I recall).

  15. AIM is working fine on my Verizon 8830 (4.2, is 4.5 released??)

  16. Using: BB curve 8310
    Carrier: Rogers Wireless, Canada.
    Aim working perfectly.

  17. Not working on 8310/ATT/BES/No secy policies
    Sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support AOL Instant Messenger for BlackBerry.

  18. Working on 8320/TMO/

  19. Working on my AT&T 8300. I posted a thread on in the 83xx forum on how i got mine working. Check it out. My user name there is KillingWthASmile

  20. @Anderson
    We linked to bbnews mentioning the verizon release above. This article is about the fact that it has been rolled out to (some/more) carriers worldwide.

    Is there something we missed?

  21. @warren Data..all rim IM clients use data..

    And while it’s not new for SOME carriers to get this A LOT of carriers blocked it from their services before, so that they could charge you for SMS messages suing OZ Messenger…sostill newsworthy for sure..

    All IM clients now work on Rogers.

  22. Alltel. Solid. Why does the MSN app suck so bad when compared to the YM app, the Gtalk app, the AIM app, the ICQ app…you get the idea.

  23. It worked on my blackberry 8703 with verizon

  24. I installed on my T-Mobile 8320, and I received an error message stating that the app was not configured for my device. The email works great plus you get a cute little email icon.

  25. Well, it’s about time. Verizon is always a year late in getting everything. Uhhh….

  26. In Argentina with pearl 8100 works great, at least! Aim for me! Addme [email protected]


  27. As an FYI to anyone interested the ICQ app also works for Verizon now as well.

  28. i agree beejiveIM (jivetalk) is worth the money, but there are also a lot of free chat clients out there that make render the issue moot.

  29. I am also using BeejiveIM (jivetalk) and that works fine.

    I am with Telus in Canada with a Blackberry World Edition.

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