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FreeLight 1.0 – Free Flashlight Application For BlackBerry

Tom just let me know that Rgeorge has released a free flashlight application on BlackBerryForums. The application is dead simple. It just turns your screen white on 100% brightness and on newer devices it will make the status LED really bright. So far the author has tested it on the 8100 with OS 4.5 but says it should work with any OS 4.2+ BlackBerry. The download is desktop only for now and you must register on BBForums for the download.

You can find the application at this link. Let us know what you think if you install the app.

On a side note you can always just open up the video recorder on OS 4.3+ devices with cameras and that will turn on the LED flash which works as a flashlight.

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  1. Works like a champ on my 8830 with OS v4.5.0.77. This app is simplicity at its best!

  2. Thanks, but I’ll wait until one that uses the flash on the back of my Curve.

    • Actually using the flash as a light seems like it would be alot better. Although it is not possible due to the blackberrys API atm that is. Also It would fry your camera flash faster then a rocket flies to space. Your flash would die in just a few seconds being constantly on like that due to heat ect.

  3. Yes, an app that keeps the Camera Flash on would be a better flashlight. Where is this app?

  4. This app works good on my Sprint 8330. I bought Blight for $3.95 and it works the same but it has no night vision mode witch only turns the led from a bright more or less white lite to red no biggie. Use this app to save $3.95 it works just as well. Navigation is easy select the freelight flashlight icon to activate the back button shuts it off and the red end button only shuts off the screen but the led stays on.

  5. how do you install this??

  6. J2ME Flashlight is free and also changes to a variety of colors.

  7. @Doc
    Very nice find. I will mention it tomorrow

  8. To install this app you must use the desktop manager application loader.

  9. Works great on Curve 8310 4.2
    Installed OTA at:

  10. i tried to install on my 7100i but i keep getting an “Fatal Error” and doesn’t install, anyone know if this will work on 7100 series running OS 4.2?!?!

  11. You can install it over the air/OTA OR over the desktop.

    The official over the air installation link is:

  12. Yesterday I upgraded my 8310 to 4.5 In video mode you can turn on the light as long as you want

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