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AskUs: Default Icon Location For New Applications

Freddie asked me a question last week and no matter who I asked I could not get a good answer. He basically asked me if there is a way to set where a new application icon shows up on your homescreen. He found that every time he installed a new application it would show up in the same spot which he deemed to be the wrong spot. He wanted to change the default location to a better place.

I tried to do some digging and asked some friends and came up with nothing. So I thought it could not hurt to crowd-source the question.

Does anybody know how to set the default icon location for installed applications?

I am beginning to think that it is just arbitrary but who knows. This might be some setting in the Plazmic theme builder or it may just always put the icon before the camera icon like it does on my Berry.

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  1. The location of the icon installed to the device can be defined by the software developer.
    I quote from the Java JDE: “(…) Type a number from 1 to 255, where 1 is highest priority and 255 is lowest priority. “.

    – So if you type 1 then the icon will be in the upper left corner. If you type 255 then the icon will be at the end of the ribbon-view.

    But I doubt that it is possible to set this number for any application you install.

  2. Thanks for the answer Fabian. Is there a standard default? because on my device the new application icons always show up in the same place… Always the wrong place and it screws up my icon arrangement 🙁

  3. No, there is no standard default. If you enter 0 then it is the default. But Ronen, it is not suuuch a big deal to move the icons, is it ;-)!
    Is it not maybe sorted by Name? Just a guess. Ok well at PalmOS it is. BlackBerryOS is different. We’ll see maybe another reader can help us further!

  4. Interestingly, on a Bold, they all go to Downloads folder.

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