Review: RexRegina Morgan Case

Review: RexRegina’s Morgan Case
[rating:8.5] 8.5/10

Cost: $44.95 @ The BerryReview Store

This has to be one of the nicest BlackBerry cases that I have ever had the opportunity to review. Note that when I say nice, I am speaking only about the quality of the case itself. The case is made from the nicest Italian Leather that the folks over at RexRegina could get their hands on. The case features clean lines and subtle design features. The unit that RexRegina sent me was the Morgan Case in  the dark maroon color. If you demand nothing but the best quality accessories out there, this is definitely something to put on your wish list.

First Impressions:

As soon as I took the box out of its shipping container, I knew that RexRegina stood behind its claims to quality. The box was simple yet elegant, white glossy cardboard with nothing but their logo and company name. Immediately the smell of quality leather filled the room (pleasing to me but not so much to my pregnant fiancee). I pulled the top off of the box and noticed that the case was covered not in bubble wrap or plastic, but a nice white cloth with the companies name on it.

RexRegina_Aug292008_0001 RexRegina_Aug292008_0002

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I took the pouch out of the box and put my trusty 8830 in for a test drive. It fit perfectly. The case even has a cutout on the inside for the trackball. I was also pleased to see that I would not have to modify my sound profiles as the case does have a proximity sensor. The case was still a bit stiff, but that is to be expected from a genuine leather case. Like a new baseball glove or a leather couch, they just get better with age.

Putting It Through The Paces:

As the case broke in, I liked it more and more. It became easier to slide my Berry in and pull it out when I needed it. The leather itself became more supple, and it started to show the wrinkles that only quality leather shows. Everyone who I showed the case to was very impressed.

There were a couple of things that I noticed about this case that I was not particularly fond of. The smell that my fiancee loved so much took a long time to go away. Even after a couple of weeks there was a hint of the smell still lingering. Not a big deal at all, but perhaps to someone who was sensitive to smells it would be.

Also, I need a way to attach a case to my body, every case that I have used long term has had a belt clip, and perhaps that is part of the reason I have come to depend on it. But this case is targeted towards a different audience. This case would be ideal for someone who likes to carry their Berry in their purse, pocket, briefcase or shirt pocket. I wish that it had a belt loop or at least the option to order it with a belt clip. If it had this option, I would still be using this case on a daily basis.

RexRegina_Aug292008_0010 RexRegina_Aug292008_0009


  • High quality leather
  • Beautiful
  • Simple yet elegant design
  • Logos blend into the case


  • The leather really have a strong odor at first
  • No ability to attach the case to your person
  • The price is a bit high @ 44.95


For a professional who always wears a shirt with a breast pocket or carries their BlackBerry in their purse or briefcase, this case is perfect. So long as you don’t mind spending the extra money for true quality that is. Take my advice however, leave this case out for a couple of days before using it so that it has some time to air out!

Note: The BerryReview Store has this case and a few other RexRegina cases for the 71xx, 83xx and 88xx series devices.

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