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Free NFL Mobile Live App Now Available From Sprint

Joe let us know that Sprint released a NFL application for BlackBerry that may work on other carriers. I am not much of an NFL fan so I cannot comment on the quality of the application but it does look very nice! Especially for a free application.

nflmobile nflmobile2 nflmobile3

The application does not advertise itself as BlackBerry compatible but Joe dug into the Sprint Software Store and found it by selecting Free/Demo. The app gives you up to the minute scores and video allowing you to track your team and even listen to the game live. You can listen live to every NFL broadcast and watch all 8 games live carried on Thursday Night Football.

You can try to download it at this link:

Let me know if it works!

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  1. I was able to download this app after two attempts typing the above link into my BB browser and it seems to be running fine on my Verizon Curve.

  2. Not working on the Bold… sticks at the Loading screen with the NFL logo…

    ESPN updates are fine for now I guess.

  3. Downloaded and working for me on T-Mobile with my 8320. Awesome app!

  4. Dowloaded on my AT&T Curve 8310, but all i am getting is the startup screen… doesn’t want to connect

  5. Works on my 4.2.2 VZW 8830.
    Those having trouble getting it to start: I watched it sit there for a while before I realized clicking the ball brought up a yes/no menu. Selecting yes let it continue.

    Curious Sprint would release this app without a digital signature???

    • David,
      Maybe you can give me some ideas on how to make nfl mobile work on Verizon Blackberry 8830. I downloaded the NFL MOBILE from sprint on my BB8830. I tried to run the app many time but it doesn’t load. I deleted and downloaded it again and again, same result. Any thing I need to do to make it work?

  6. Works on my 8130 on uscc

  7. This thing is really sweet. VZW 8330 works good does seem to take up more memory than I would like, but well worth it.

  8. I’ve been trying to get it on my 8830WE VZW but keep getting a 503 error so maybe Sprint stopped the download for other vendor phones. Although I can get to the link on my computer and download the JAD but that’s about it.

  9. Works perfectly fine on my Verizon 8130! looks pretty good so far!

  10. Downloaded and works on a VZW 8830, but is a little sluggish.

  11. This is a really awesome app I only played with for a few mins but for those times when ur not around a tv u can watch some pretty good quality highlights. Verizon 8330 v 4.5.51 🙂

  12. downloaded NFL Mobile Live onto my blackberry pearl and it works flawlessly so far

  13. Worked on my 8100 sprint BlackBerry. Runs great. Thanks, I have been looking for this.

  14. Tried it on an 8310 with AT&T, and I’m on an BES, No luck for me 🙁

    It just says it’s trying to connect, and then “connection lost”

  15. Gives me a “lost connection” error on my 8100 with AT&T.

  16. Loaded and runs great on my 8830 WE (Verizon)

  17. Freakin awesome app!!! I’ve downloaded it and it works PERFECTLY on my Verizon 8330!

    …NFL Mobile from Sprint..only on the “now”. Network…HA! Guess not!!!!

    Go verizon!!

  18. Works fine on my 8820 on t-mobile no video though says my device is not supported

  19. Works great on my Alltel 8830 WE v4.5.0.77

  20. HEADsUP – 8330.jad works best for 8830 running 4.5

    I first downloaded the 8830.jad and got everything but video. Not cool! Had to removed it, and download the 8330.jad. It runs fine and now I got game!!!

  21. For those who have downloaded the app, what do you use it for? Or when do you use it? I’m an NFL fan and all, but I usually just use the internet online for stats, etc. And it doesn’t work for fantasy does it?

  22. @Hawkins:
    It doesn’t work any more. Part way through the 2008-2009 season the app had a forced upgrade and that upgrade included code that prevents it from working on any but Sprint.

    • @David,
      Thanks David. Sprint is engaging in user profiling and discrimination, there should be a law against this type of bully behavior 😉

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