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Official OS 4.5 & Blue 8320 Coming To AT&T This Month

BoyGenius scored some interesting info on AT&T. Turns out that the AT&T is FINALLY releasing OS 4.5 for the 8120, 8300, 8310, & 8820. Notably missing off that list is the 8100, 8110, & 8800. I guess they are second class citizens… The official versions will most likely be older than the current batch of betas but if you were afraid of installing a beta OS then this should help you bring your Berry up to date. The downloads are set to be available from in mid-September. If you look at the last bullet in the slide below you will see that it says “AT&T Navigator for free maps…” I wonder what that means?


The second bit of news is the announcement of the upcoming sapphire-blue AT&T 8320. Nothing really new here other than it will be running OS 4.5 and have a built in client for AT&T WiFi hotspots that you have to pay for separately. It is set to be released in the last week of September.


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  1. Interesting. Same number as my T-Mo Curve. Also, I have been using my T-Mo 8320 at Starbucks AT&T Hot Spots (used to be T-Mo before they sold out) and haven’t been paying anything. Guess that will probably end soon. Another reason to stop spending my money there.

  2. Wait it says Wi-Fi and GPS??? awesome 🙂

  3. @brischana: It says “optional bluetooth GPS accessory!!” If the T-Mo 8320 doesn’t have GPS then no way the AT&T flavor would.

    I’m really surprised that AT&T is bringing the 8320 out almost one year after T-Mo did. Usually these companies release the same phones within a few months, no? I’d totally hold off until T-Mo releases the BB Javelin. I’ll be the first at my local T-Mo store to get it, just like I was with the 8320.

    Does anyone know what build of OS 4.5 this 8320 will release with? I hope it is higher than .69

  4. Was ATT’s 8310 “global”? Is the TMO 8320 considered “global”? I just don’t recall either having been marketed as “global” like this is.

    Isn’t this the first Blackberry from anyone other than Nextel to support push-to-talk??? If ATT can do it on 8320, why not ALL of the Blackberry line? Or do they already? Frustrates the hell out of me that VZW won’t support EVDO PTT on their Blackberry lineup. Requiring RevA seems like a dumb move from a market penetration aspect.

  5. Global is just marketing speak for a triband or better GSM capable phone. PR BS

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