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Maximum Of 31 Applications In BlackBerry OS?

Peter pointed out this interesting knowledgebase article that RIM recently published. The article dealt with missing icons on a BlackBerry and proposed 3 causes for the problem. The surprising part was cause number 2 which I had never heard of before:

More than 31 applications are installed on the BlackBerry smartphone. Only 31 applications can initialize at start up, including third-party and system applications. If you install more than 31 applications on the BlackBerry smartphone, some of the applications may not run.

Is it just me or is this the first you heard of an arbitrary cap on how many applications can be installed on your BlackBerry? Currently this is not a big problem since most people could not fit 31 applications on the small amount of memory available to them. On the other hand with the Bold here already with double the memory of current devices this sounds slightly ominous…

Anybody run into this 31 applications cap on your BlackBerry? I am just worried since it includes third-party AND system applications. I wonder which applications are counted towards this quota…

Check out the article at this link

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  1. 31 apps…if u need 31 then get a laptop or umpc, when i get the bold i’m gonna put it in a glass case n just admire it.

    ps: if anybody is gonna need 31 apps i suggest u get a human personal assistant.

  2. I doubt I will ever need that many but its just weird that there even is a limit…

  3. Lol – human p.a.

  4. lol…ron ‘i kid’.

  5. “Only 31 applications can initialize at start up”

    Not all applications need to initialize at start up.

  6. Ronen,

    Bold has double the memory, but most of it used by the OS, available space is nowhere near double

  7. I’d previously heard of a limit of sorts – only being able to have 512 COD files on the device. With the OS having a certain number of COD files, and then some apps adding more than one (some themes have multiple ones and then one app I tried used small COD files to organize databases it used and wound up with 10 or so COD files), you could theorectically run out that way.

    I’ve had over 100 Java apps loaded at one time, but how could that be possible with 31 being the limit? Well, as Jon pointed out not all apps need to initialize at start up. Things like brickbreaker and others that don’t ask for a restart after installation likely don’t need to be initialized and shouldn’t count to the 31 limit. Others, like pocket day, or applications that mesh in with the OS would have to be initialized and would count to the 31 limit.

    Having said that, I’d be surprised if your device didn’t suffer major lag time well before you reached that limit of 31. That’s a lot of programs to have running at one time, even if they’re only running partial threads and not the whole program.

  8. This must be very OS specific.

    I have an 8800 (originally from Cingular) running and have 73 icons displayed on my home screen and 89 in total. I obviously have well over 31 applications installed!

    Well, aside from MAJOR hangs (15-30 seconds or more of the Hourglass – all my fault I know!), I haven’t seen any problem!

    I got the device at the Cingular Launch event in February of ’07. I’ve seen other 8800’s running the same OS, but they are able to create folders on the Home Screen, and I am not.

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