Poll; How much is your BlackBerry costing you ?

Do you dread that time of month when that cell phone/BlackBerry bill is due to show up in your letterbox ? (or inbox – as is an option for many carriers these days).

If you’re anything like me then your bill would have been cut considerably since using a BlackBerry.  (I dropped down from an average of $450 – $600 per month to $79 on a capped unlimited BIS plan)

So what is you average cell phone/BlackBerry plan bill per month ? (I know this will vary widely as we are spread across many different carrier and countries but it would be interesting to see the ‘norm’). 

I have seen some ludicrous examples of extreme phone bills on several news and current affairs programs in the past. One was racked up by a 13 year old to the tune of $24 000 (Mum and Dad would be proud… )

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If you have had an example of an ‘extreme’ bill then let us know about it in the comments section. Can you beat $24K…

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  1. $17.50 Rogers Wireless Insider EPP
    -200 Daytime Minutes
    -Early Evening @ 6PM
    -Unlimited Evening/Weekend
    $11 Value Pack (125 Txt, Enhanved VM, CID, CW, WhoCalled)
    $30 6GB Data


  2. 20$ 200 day time minute
    5$ 250 free text msg incoming free (normaly they charge for incoming txt msg)
    8$ voice mail and who called
    And this is the best part
    15$ Unlimited Data !!! Yeah

    48$ plus some stuff like network acess 911 and a got a 58$ bill each mounth not that bad !! And i got my pearl free

    Telus mobility Quebec canada

  3. i have seen an extreme bill, was not my own, but i did get a nice glimer of the biggest wireless bill ever. i work for a cell phone carrier, will not say which one, and we were going through sales from the internet channel to call people about data that they did not get through their original purchase or that they got a wireless card, but did it at the lower 50 MB plan. well, the customer had ordered a card and was on the 50 MB plan, which if you go over is $0.99 a MB. we opened the bill on our computer and it was slightly over $55,000! needless to say, it was not a customer we were going to call because after reading up on the situation, the customer cancelled and was credited back as a courtesy.

    i dont think that will ever be topped!

  4. My Rogers bill:
    $32 – 50 Daytime, 1000 Eve/Weekend, unlimited network and incoming calls.
    $2 – 5pm early evenings
    $15 – Smartphone pack (2500 sent texts, vm, call display, etc.)
    $30 – 6gb BIS Data

    With taxn system access fee, etc. Comes out to about $97 a month

  5. I use a family plan for two BlackBerrys, and your choices should have allowed for that. I think I’ve got a pretty sweet plan:
    – Two 8320s with 1000 anytime minutes/$50
    – T-Mo Hotspot@Home $10
    – Umlimited Data/BlackBerry for 2x$20 = $40
    BlackBerry Total: $100 or $50 per person, plus tax&fees

    Add in $10 for T-Mo TalkForever@Home unlimited, and after everything with tax & fees I pay ~$140. I pay for each txt so I rarely do.

  6. $20-250 AT-Unlim NW
    $10-Unlim Txt
    $30-6GB Plan (recently changed from the $100-1GB)
    $5 Voice Mail
    Tax and System access fee’s

    $65+ 5 Lines On Rogers = Me Bent Over Taking It Where The Sun Don’t Shine.

  7. PS: I see bills in axxs of $50,000 pretty much on a daily basis that are LEGIT charges…the most insane bill I have seen that got reversed due to error/arrangements was $65,000..in which AT&T ate the cost of half…account holder had to pay the rest!

  8. I have the unlimited plan with sprint so I pay 99.99 plus insurance 7.00 add taxes 10-15 a month. You get the idea

  9. $35 retention plan
    450 day
    Unlimited E&W (5pm – 7am)
    Unlimited Text
    My 10 talk/text nation wide
    Call display, voicemail w/ spinvox service (voicemail to text service)
    $30 6gb data option

    On the Blackberry Bold 🙂

    65 + saf+911 = 72.45 before tax.

  10. Man, I only pay $70 a month with T-Mo (Mail and Minutes Plan). You get unlimited data/texts and 1000 minutes!

  11. Last months bill was $283…80 minutes over, 70 texts over and some insane prorated charged since they accidentally took me off of BES and then put me back. I got ATT to knock it down to $180.

    Really sick of their crap though…bills are impossible to understand and cust srv has gotten loads worse since it became ATT.

  12. T-Mobile for 2 lines on a promotional family plan:
    1000 minutes – $59
    unlt’d msg all lines – $20
    unlt’d BIS one line – $20
    unlt’d UMA all lines – $20
    unlt’d internet one line – $20

    federal discount – 15% off total bill

    $119/mo plus taxes a fees, i hover around 140/mo

  13. T-Mobile for me, see!

    Individual Basic 300 Anytime w/unlimited Weekend minutes: $29.99
    BlackBerry Unlimited data plan: $19.99
    Unlimited mobile to mobile (my whole family uses T-Mobile): $6.99
    Total: $56.97 before tax
    About $64 with taxes added.

    If you don’t actually talk that much on the phone, I think T-Mobile is the cheapest way to go with BlackBerry. I have been with them for years now, and I’ve never had any problems. The few problems I have had were BIS related, not T-Mobile related.

  14. 600 mins(family plan) 38.50
    In network/n&w free
    Unlimted txt/pix free
    Unlimited bb email/data 23(work discount)
    Total 61.50

  15. Same as NancyDrew here. T-Mobile’s Blackberry Minutes and Mail for $59.99/month plus tax. Unlimited texts and data, and 1000 Anytime minutes.

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