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FAQ: How To Create A Keyboard Shortcut To Search Your Messages With A Saved Search

This is a common question I get when friends see the shortcut I have setup on my BlackBerry to only show me my unread messages. These shortcuts are accessible by going into the messages application and selecting ALT+Shortcut_Letter. For example, my unread messages shortcut is ALT+U.

To create a keyboard shortcut to search for unread messages follow these steps:

  1. From the Home/Main screen, click on Messages.
  2. Press the S key. 
  3. Change the Show field to Unopened Only.
  4. Press the Menu button.
  5. Click Save
  6. In the Title field, type a name for the search.
  7. In the Shortcut Key (Alt +) field, select a shortcut key.
  8. Press the Menu button.
  9. Click Save

To use the shortcut you just press ALT and the shortcut and you will get your saved search. You can always edit the search by pressing S in the messages application, hitting the menu button and selecting Recall.

Let me know if it works out!

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  1. Wow. I had no idea that ANY of this was possible. Wonder tip for several reasons. Thanks.

  2. Thanks it works great. I use that one quite a lot.

  3. Is there a shortcut to scroll down a website page slowly without using the trackball? I know you can click “T” to go to the top of the page and “B” for the bottom. Just wondering thanks.

  4. Just hit the spacebar. It will go down one page at a time. Also works for email…

  5. Hmmm…. [Alt]U is a predefined search of Unread Messaages on my Cingular (AT&T) 8800 running v4.2.1.79.

    A more productive (and over a year old) version of this same info is available here:

  6. This tip is great! I had no idea that was possible.

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