Pader-Sync File Manager – Another FTP/SFTP Application

Josep let me know about this new file manager application that is BlackBerry compatible and I thought it was worth mention. I am not sure why anybody would use this over the free Rove Mobile File Manager but I guess its good to have options. The application seems to be free during August but will become commercial afterwards.


PaderSyncFM is a file manager application for mobile devices. It features access to the local file system as well as access to remote file servers. You can choose from a variety of supported proxy server types to access file servers on distant networks. See the solutions page for more details. An integrated scripting language allows for automated synchronization of folder structures between distinct file systems and expandability by the advanced user.

  • FTP , FTPS(SSL) , SFTP(SSHv2) , WebDAV and SMB/CIFS file server access.
  • HTTPS/SOCKS(Version: 4a and 5) proxy support.
  • SSHv2 gate support (direct-tcpip stream forwarding).
  • SSL/TLS encryption for FTP and WebDAV.
  • Zlib compression for FTP and SFTP(SSHv2).
  • Bookmark system to manage server setups and user logins.
  • Encryption of sensitive user data on mobile device using AES-256.
  • Password protected access to the application.
  • Automated one-way file synchronization.
  • Integrated scripting language.

It has a pretty impressive feature set which is why I thought it was interesting. One of the downsides is that they do not have an OTA install option for BlackBerry currently so I have not had a chance to try it out myself. Let me know if you do.

You can pick up the desktop install files and read more about the application at this link:

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