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OS For 8330 & 8830 Found Online!!!

detectivestock Another tip from one of our secret agents. Turns out that OS is now making its rounds around the interweb. Many people have spotted it already but we had a set of links sent in as proof:

You can find them at the links below:


This fixes the 1-2 second delay before a call is successfully answered and you get a voice path. Let us know what else you find.

UPDATE: Thanks to The Fantom we have another link to the 8330 OS at:

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  1. for some reason, the 8330 doesn’t update when I plug in my BB, gonna try the second link

  2. NVM I am a dumbass

  3. This is Sweet! This means RIM is working hard to finalize this and to release 4.5 to all US Carriers. I wonder why they removed 4.5 version from MTS? Perhaps they found a problem with it. Who knows…

    Guys, Please comment on performance and compatibility for 3rd party apps with this new version please?


  4. downloading now. will return with updates…thank goodness for the call delay fix. What is meant by voice path?

  5. you get a blast from the speakerphone when you answer an incoming call. fixed for a bit after a battery pull but comes back quickly – installing this asap 🙂

  6. cool. i guess that’s what i am/was getting on .56MTS when i’d speed dial someone. the call starts as if it will be on speaker but quickly goes back to handset. let’s see what happens.

  7. Patiently waiting on the 8130….

  8. Can’t wait for the 8320 version!!

  9. I am downloading now .. I have .66 and think it’s perfect, can’t wait to see how much better this version is.

  10. i’ve encountered a problem trying to install a theme boldberry( for 4.5

    i did both the desktop and OTA and it says they’re installed but when i goto options->theme it’s not listed as a choice.

    i’ve pulled the battery…etc just wondering if anyone else had this problem?

  11. I just installed 77 and it seems to work fine. Although I have not encounter most or any of the issues that most people have and are having on some of the other versions. I have used these versions in order .33, .45, .51, .66, 56.(MTS) and now .77. Yes I am a power user and a compulsive installer. I have ton of crap installed on my BB 8330 CDMA Curve on Sprint. The one thing I wish RIM would put back in the OS is the forced roam option.

  12. hey dose anyone have links for the 8820 os or above? i currently have .55 and its buggy on my phone… please help!!

  13. Guys

    I decided to install this version of 4.5 OS and found a couple of improvements.
    First, I noticed data connection seems more solid now. My apps like Jivetalk seem to connect faster now when first launched.

    Second, I noticed answering calls on my bb appear to work with virtually no delays. The overall OS seems faster and more responsive. I am happy I decided to upgrade!

  14. Works ok on my Verizon 8830. The ringtone thing SEEMS to be louder for me now, so that’s cool. However, it erased all my built in ringtiones and only left the ones that I had put on my memory card. Anyone else have this problem?

  15. I am getting a new 8830 via Asurion today, I will load this when it gets here and report back to you all! I cannot wait!!!

  16. This one does seem to fix the answer delay, but I still get a 1 second blast from the speaker phone when answering. Everything else seems to be good.

  17. I have yet taken a call on this new OS but previous betas I never got the speakphone blast.

  18. Yeah, noise is still there when answering but it does seem faster. Everyone always asks me whether I’ve just yelled into the phone after answering it.

  19. (8830….. .77) The preloaded ringtones are missing from this build. There seems to be some memory leak….looks sturdy so far. I think .51 did a better job at resolving the memory leak.

  20. information on how to restore the missing ringtones:

  21. Dimachka, thanks for the link but that looks complicated. Does anyone know of a site that just has those preloaded ringers available for download? I’ll just put them on my media card and not worry about the vibrate function for awhile

  22. look in the thread again and read the last few comments BBerryMan, the procedure is extremely simple now.

  23. I downloaded last night on my 8330 sprint and it’s running smoothly I must say. I still have all my pre-loaded ringtones. I did notice that my internet connection is faster and smoother. So far so good!!

  24. So, I love the fact that all the ringtones are not forced to be loaded .. if by mistake or not, lots more room on the phone. Other than that no big changes. STILL no youtube on my 8830!

  25. Hey those that are too slow to follow the directions on Crackberry to get your Ringtones back, look on the forums at Pinkstack for them. Someone has posted a Zip file with all of them on there.
    8830 ringer volume problems definently are solved with this build. Phone is A LOT louder.

  26. Couple of immediate things I noticed that it does fix from version

    1. It fixes the 2 second delay when answering a call to actually receiving the audio.

    2. Docs2go got an original folder icon, but it did downgrade the version. No biggie, the update can be downloaded ota again. However, once you do the update, the nifty folder icon goes away.
    – If anyone knows how to extract this and add it back in please let me know.

    3. It’d be nice if they could find a way to make this boot up faster. I have to laugh everytime it boots up and says “Rated for SprintSpeed”, but no luck there.

    4. Sprint Navigation / TeleNav works very well. It seems a little faster than with

    5. I have a little more free memory for some reason. About 4Mb to be exact.

    6. HTML e-mail is a little bit weird still. Every once in a while it doesn’t automatically grab the images even though it is configured to do so.

    7. Overall with OS 4.5 (any stepping) Blackberry Messenger seems a little more stable.

    8. When you do the alt-rightshift-h feature, it shows uptime. Maybe it always has with os 4.5, but I am just noticing it.

    9. When viewing videos in the media player it doesn’t pick a random place to start, it actually starts at the beginning. I don’t know if everyone had this problem in os, but I did.

  27. Link to zip of ringtones from pinstack??? I am over there looking but dont see….

  28. Ditto on not being able find the zip at pstack…link please?

  29. tolcrackmonkey:
    Uptime is in 4.2.2, it was missing in other 4.5.x builds?
    Have you tried youtube?

  30. When I upgraded from .66 to .77 I kept all of the ringtones.

  31. I did the update and now can’t change the profile options for messages and the like for some reason.

    When I go into Advanced – Profiles, it doens’t let me go into Edit.

    The memory problem seems fixed but this profile is new.

  32. The ringtones issue only seems to be happening with the 8830 update, not the 8330…

  33. I just went to and watched the Fronk N Dego – “The Merchandise” move with no problems. Seemed to stream very well actually.

  34. Do you have an 8830 or an 8330… I cannot stream from youtube… no matter what I try. I can stream from however… 🙁

  35. I found the pstack link for the zip of preloaded ringtones…

  36. i have an 8330 Curve from Sprint.

  37. Thanks Brandy!

  38. 8330 Sprint
    So far so good, won’t know how it is til tomorrow after a full workday. Thanks

  39. Under advanced options there is a new option for Wireless upgrade

  40. The MTS version also has the Wireless Upgrade option BUT it doesn’t do anything and I believe I read somewhere you had to be on a BES for wireless upgrade, someone correct me if I’m wrong.

  41. Well, since there is not yet anything available to upgrade TO, of COURSE wireless upgrade doesn’t work! 😉

    Once there is an official 4.5 from your carriers, AND then another 4.5 or a 4.6 or whatever is officially released, only THEN will wireless upgrade do anything.

  42. I have to say that I am impressed with this release so far. I have a Sprint 8330 and with all the other OS 4.5 releases, I was only able to partially load HTML e-mails…some images would load while others would not…even after selecting Get Images. After installing this update, my HTML e-mails download without a problem.

  43. I had the same problem with the profile not being available (8830). I plugged it into the desktop manager, deleted the current “Profile” and did a selective restore of the profile from the last backup on 4.2…..

  44. OK so after a full work day out in the field driving in brooklyn, queens, and parts of long island. I did not notice any bugs today.

  45. (8330) Been all over Long Island myself and no problems. It seems more responsive and quick. Browser seems a bit faster as well. No issues here at all. Good version.

  46. has for 8320 been found yet? I searched but i couldn’t find anything, help.

  47. even pacman works on .77 as it would not on .56 so this is great

  48. Is 8320 OUT YET .76?????

  49. Is it possible to use this .77 with my 8310 or is it not recommended? I just do not konow whether it’s worth downloading just to realize it’s buggy and all…:)

  50. OS releases are device specific. When this thread says it is for 8330 and 8830, that means ONLY those devices. Not even other devices in the same famile (so no 8300, 8310, 8320, or 8350 or 8800, 8820).

  51. Bushey, the os files are device specific. I’m not sure that it’ll even load on the incorrect device. When I upgraded my 8330 curve, and then plugged my girldriends perl in, it didn’t try to upgrade it, but when I plugged my sons 8330 curve in it asked me if I wanted to upgrade it. Seems kind of like it querys the device.

  52. Does any one know of any further updates for the CDMA 8330 or when the next will be out.

  53. Really. I sure hope a better release comes soon. I consider myself pretty tech and Blackberry savvy, and I spent almost the entire day yesterday down hard from screwing with trying on my Verizon 8830. If my experience was indicative of how much “better” .77 is than previos CDMA beta’s then WOW has RIM got a ways to go for a stable 4.5 release. No WONDER we keep hearing about both software and hardware being delayed all over the place from carrier acceptance, RIM has CLEARLY got some serious development problems (too many OS’s/devices trying to launch right now to do any single one right). Between missing rings tones, no vibrate at all, the media player app appearing and disappearing seemingly at random, I finally just gave up and wiped it out back to At least I can hear/feel the phone ring now.

    PLEASE RIM, pick either software 4.5/4.6/4.7 or hardware Bold/Storm/Kickstart, focus your attention, and get ONE of them out the door as a properly stable release like we’ve come to expect from you!!!

  54. I Have a sprint 8330 and I have not had 95% of the problems people have been reporting. I have upgraded with each beta version. I am a pretty technically savvy person with most things and consider myself a BB power user. I also have about 45 to 50 third party apps installed at any given time, so you guessed it I am a compulsive installer ill try most things.

  55. I have an 8330, and this update rocks so far. The html email is better, and no more delay on phone calls.

  56. Hey, I was wondering if anyone knows how to get ALL of the images to download in emails? I have the html email coming thru and only SOME of them download in the email. I have switched my email settings to download automatically, but still no change. I still have to go to the menu key, and select the get images. And then the whole, you will expose your email address to the internet thing comes up. select yes or no. Can anyone help with the situation?

  57. I installed the OS on my BB 8830 from Sprint with no issues to report. HTML Email looks great! (Remember to resend your service books). GTalk, Google Maps, GMail, Viigo, Opera Mini all working after the restore from back up.

  58. This version ROCKS on my VZW Curve! Just as stable as the 4.3.x releases and battery life seems better than the previous 4.5.x releases.

  59. What is the pass word to unlock the file to down load this up grade at the link given above if pass word is not need some one please tell me what I’m doing wrongm

  60. I just downloaded the file and ran it on my computer. Opened up desktop manager and under device software it shows both and Connected my blackberry 8830 to the computer, and it isn’t updating the device software to Anyone have a fix?

  61. Bblair, what version of the desktop manager do you have?

  62. delete or rename vendor.xml

  63. where do i find vendor.xml?

  64. inside C://Program Files/Common Files/Research in Motion/AppLoader

  65. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of beta os ?

  66. It’s not in the wild yet…

  67. So, I have an 8830 from Verizon. I pulled down the 4.5.77 software and I ran the download. Bummer…it only starts up the application installer but it doesn’t do anythng with regards to installing the 4.5 upgrade. What the heck am I doing wrong?

    Thx in advance

  68. chadmarkley,

    You need to delete or rename vendor.xml and then run the BB Desktpo Software which should detect the new fersion and promto for you to OK the upgrade. It wont install Docs To Go by default you need to go to the App installer screen to do that manually.

  69. Does anyone know if there are a newer version than for the 8830 CDMA ?

    Thanks, Victor

  70. @Victor:
    Much as we’d like to see it seems .77 is the highest out there for CDMA.

  71. What version of the desktop software are you using? First make sure you are using the Desktop Mgr. 4.5 before you download and install the 4.5.77 os

  72. I heard there is a 4.6 out there. I'm looking for it tonight.

  73. Today I received an email from RIM. They said the 4.5 is out for my model (8000 series, mine is 8830). I'll let you know if i can successful upgrade.

  74. I was unable to install the upgrade from the RIM Website, but I found the 4.5.101 upgrade on the web ( Installed and running perfectly on my BB 8830 with BES enabled.

    Pros vs
    – Responsiveness
    – Voice Quality
    – No more dropped calls
    – Quickest reset process
    – Fastest Browser
    – Better Blackberry Messenger
    – Windows Live Messenger and GTalk runs smoothly
    – Includes Ringtones (missing on

  75. @Victor:
    I too am running .101 now on my 8830. Do you have a icon for Media Player on your device? I can’t get one to show up. The app is there and runs when launch a youtube clip for example, but no icon to run it standalone and play music and such.

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