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More ScreenCandy Of 8220 OS On T-Mobile

Its almost like we can’t get enough of the upcoming KickStart Pearl 8220. The guys at Cell Phone Signal managed to catch some shots of the T-Mobile 8220 and the new MyFaves look on T-Mobile. Nothing groundbreaking once again but I am a sucker for screencandy.

blackberry-pear-8820_7-225x300 blackberry-pear-8820_8-225x300 blackberry-pear-8820_5-225x300

More shots at

Thanks to Polly for sending this one in via Engadget Mobile

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  1. TMO customers are going to be SO confused, with an 8120 Pearl side-by-side with an 8220 Pearl in the stores.
    What a dumb marketing move if truly the 8220 is going to be called a “Pearl”. Of course, I still don’t think we’ve seen that OFFICIALLY anywhere, yet. Maybe there’s a chance for a different name still.

  2. Yeah this is going to confuse the hell out of new users… I was really starting to like the KickStart. Maybe we can revolt against the RIM name?

  3. All this Thunder, Bold, Javelin, Kickstart nonsense. LOL. I don’t think there will be that much confusion.

    I was using a Pearl 8100, now I use a Pearl 8120… looking at my next phone to be either the new Pearl 8220 or a nice crimson Curve 8320.

    Wow… I really hope they don’t come out with new Curve 84xx models in 2009. Us Tmo users might lose their minds! 😉

    And poor model 88xx which came out with the fun trackball when all the others did, just not quite cool enough to even get a name. Guess just plain “Blackberry 8800” was BOLD enough at the time, before we broke out these new 9xxx models with fun intro names. 🙂

    In the end, you’re all just gonna end up calling them by their model numbers.

    Thanks for the screen candy! 🙂

  4. Oh and Tmo is STILL selling Pearl 8100s side by side with Pearl 8120s right now actually.

    It will be great to see a new Pearl added to the lineup and when that happens, I hope they ditch the 8100s altogether finally! The only thing I miss on that phone was the ColorPearl app I had on there. The larger buttons on the 8120 and the twice the size on the 8220s while still keeping the form factor are welcome changes!

  5. You’re mentally challenged…. The only people who will be confused are the morons who think people will be confused…. There’s the Pearl Bar (8120) and Pearl Flip (8220). Really simple

  6. @Hugh
    Imagine you are choosing between three cars
    A Ford Diamond 8100
    A Ford Diamond 8120
    and A Ford Diamond Flip 8220

    Then along comes a Ford Diamond Flip 8210
    So now your phone has gone from a one or two word title to a three to four word title just to specify what phone you have or want to get. More titles means more confusion hands down. Ask a person shopping for a EEE PC to explain to you why a 900 is better than a 901 and much better than a 1000H but maybe not as good as a plain 1000…

    Have I lost you yet?

  7. I guess we are morons Ronen.

  8. Its not me that I am worried about. Its the everyday consumers that RIM is targeting with this low priced flip phone. For example, my mother in law just got a BlackBerry Pearl from AT&T. She barely knows that her phone is a BlackBerry Pearl. Now imagine she recommends a Pearl to her friends at work and they go into a AT&T store and are confronted by 3 different Pearls…

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