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BlackLightThemes Law Enforcement Theme

By viewer request, Akakios has created a Law Enforcement theme in support of the people who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe. This is a great theme with some calming blues. As with all of the themes on, this one is FREE and there is an OTA link to download.


Law3 Law4

This theme is designed for the 83XX series, but I loaded it onto my 8830 with no problems. The theme is available for OS 4.2, 4.3 and 4.5. Click Here to pick it up!

If anyone feels they need this theme for their Pearl, just drop a comment in the forum and the guys over there will hook you up! Also new to BlackLightThemes’ forum this week are the real icons from the BlackBerry Bold. These have been modified for use on all of the older devices, so if you design your own themes, check out the Plazmic Theme Builder thread.

As a side note, BlackLightThemes has been online only a couple of weeks and they are very close to reaching their 1,000th registered member. So if you have not done so, please head on over and register. After all, these free themes are commercial quality!

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  1. this is probably the single most ridiculous thing i have ever seen on any BlackBerry site. BerryReview you really need to think twice before you allow some individuals to post to this site. all of the moronic themes are really really getting old. crackberry doesn’t stup to such crap. it seems like the crappy themes are 30-40% of all posts lately.

  2. Well, I dislike themes 99% of the time, they bore me to no end. But several signs indicate that themes are quite a popular topic. People love them, people buy them, people share them and people post comments about them. So follow my example: just don’t waste your time reading posts about themes if you’re not into them. There are lots of other things to read here in this site and all over the Web.

  3. If you are not looking for themes so why you do it?? I love read theme related info. BR tks for all the info!
    Back to, I received an invitation to register to get a $50 coupon or bonus…. I didn’t receive anything at least an email about who won.. Anybody knows??

  4. they got 1000 members!!!! congrats!!

  5. themes are fine – but law enforcement themes? give me a break. the themes i’m talking about being ridiculous are the cheesy, crappily designed ones that are appearing more and more often on BR. leave that crap for pinstack or bbforums – keep BR above the lameness, please.

  6. I like that theme. I am not a cop so I don’t identify with it. That’s my problem with 99,9% of the themes, I have no identification with them. But I think this law enforcement theme is very well done.
    You’re complaining about taste. You can’t be right on such matters until you realize that taste will never please everyone but will always please someone.

  7. I would like this theme for my pearl

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