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BlackBerry Javelin Size Comparison Picture

Judy sent me a link to Howard Forums where Wolwol has posted a nice and blurry comparison shot of the Javelin. It is up side by side with the 8800 and the 8300. Now that you can see the size comparison you can tell why some people are preferring the smaller size over the 3G in the Bold. Personally I think those people are crazy but as they say “different strokes for different folks…”


HowardForums via BlackBerryCool

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  1. I’d like to see a size comparison to the Bold, but if the Bold is as big as I think it is, I’ll be waiting a long time before I get a 3G BB. I really don’t want to carry something much bigger than my Curve around with me during the day no matter how fast it is. Especially with shorter battery life and higher monthly internet charges.

  2. BBJ has a 3.2 MP camera for me that makes the device more useable in that I can get better results books, whiteboards, and pictures in general making the tradeoff between edge and 3g no that big of a deal. I think the camera improvement makes the BBJ a better purchase than the BBB. That being said: I do not like that the BBJ does not have an external media slot and (2) When! Man they could get me for two devices. I would buy the BBB now and the BBJ when it is released.

  3. Not only that… With the iPhone 3g problems it should serve as a reminder of the importance of functionality… One of the blackberry strongpoints always has been the battery… I’ve been told that the Bold requires a daily (sometimes twice) charge… UMA, wi-fi, GPS, 256MB of internal memory for apps, 3.2 megapixel cam… Bold has 3g only and if you want to go a full day without charging it it has to be kept off… Want 3g… Sit down by a charger

  4. Guys remember that the memory card on the Jav is internal but “hot swappable” wich can be removed without pulling/taking out the battery… So many advantages…

  5. I’d Rather go for the Javelin than the Bold. More because of the fact that 3G in the United States is still so small… i am surprised the USA waited SOOOOO long to deploy 3G…

  6. Me too! The more I learn about the Javelin, the more I think it’s better than the Bold. Although the Bold has 1Gb of memory.
    Small is beautiful, Ronen! 🙂
    Now here is a good picture to help in the comparison:

  7. The definite trend is
    Kickstart replaces Pearl
    Javelin replaces Curve
    Bold murders the 8800 but what are companies going to do about the camera…

  8. Companies can easily disable the camera functionality throuh BES, so no worries there.

  9. Yeah but there are a bunch of places that dont care if its disabled. For example, try going into a courthouse with a camera phone in the US.

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