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Review: BodyGuardz- Save Your Device Without the Bulk!

image Review: BodyGuardz- Scratch Proof Protective Skins
[rating:10] 10/10
Cost: $24.99 @ The BerryReview Store

The folks over at NLU Products sent me a set of the protective skins for my 8830 to try out. I will admit that I was skeptical when I first saw this product, how can such a thin membrane protect my precious BlackBerry? Nevertheless I stripped my BlackBerry down for the good of the BerryReview Community. You all had better appreciate this!

BodyGuardz_Aug082008_0001 BodyGuardz_Aug082008_0008

The Un-Boxing

When the box came in the mail, immediately I was impressed with the packaging. The box was professional and pictured the product very well. The package contained; 2 full sets of the BodyGuardz Skins, custom die cut for my 8830, a squeegee, a bottle of application spray (water and baby shampoo) and a set of very detailed directions. I have learned over the years that no matter how “macho” I am feeling, it is always best to read the instructions before doing anything (trust me guys, this has saved me countless hours). After reading the instructions, I realized the application of this product would be slightly more difficult than I had imagined. Luckily they pointed me in the direction of a video, detailing the application process. While the video is for a Pearl, it was a very similar process for my 8830.

BodyGuardz_Aug082008_0012 BodyGuardz_Aug082008_0014


I did have a few difficulties getting the membrane to wrap around the edges of my device, it probably didn’t help that I decided to put it on after driving for about 6 hours… But after about 20 minutes I had it applied to a satisfactory level. The corners were a little bit tricky, but as the directions stated, I let them sit for a couple of minutes and waited for it to become tacky, and like magic it worked! The device looked a bit hazy for about 12 hours or so, but not to the point that things were illegible.

After the curing process had completed, I could barely tell that there was anything on the BlackBerry at all. The skin actually helped hide some of my surface scratches, an extra bonus. I just wish I would have known about this product from the day that I purchased my BlackBerry, it would look much less abused!

The Trial Period

So now the BodyGuardz has been on my phone for a little over a week and I must say that I love the product. I do prefer a thicker case with a belt clip, but I know that many of you do not want a large case covering your beautiful devices. I have thrown my Berry in my pocket with keys, my knife and my trusty lighter, and there has not been a single scratch on the device what so ever! I really don’t know why they include 2 skins in each kit as I don’t see the need to replace it anytime soon. But it is nice to know that if you need an extra, its there waiting for you. If anyone wants to take a look at a pretty cool video of the BodyGuardz in action, follow the link.

A quick note, the BodyGuardz come in a couple of different options. You can pick up the whole phone protection, or just a screen protector. This is perfect for those who just need a little extra protection for their screen! BodyGuardz are also available for a whole slew of other devices including; laptops, iPods and much more.


  • Virtually invisible
  • Incredibly strong
  • 2 kits included


  • A little difficult to apply, however the full coverage is worth it.
  • Doesn’t cover the keyboard

Summary: This product is perfect for anyone who just needs scratch protection. BodyGuardz will not add any water resistance or drop protection like some of the other cases on the market will. That being said, this case does what it is designed to do perfectly. Your expensive phone is protected from scratches and scrapes while still boasting its beauty, without adding extra bulk.

The BerryReview Store currently only sells the BodyGuardz for the 8830, please see their site for their entire product line.

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  1. Nice review, I was skeptical of buying this before so I bought a full case with a clip weeks ago. Now I know to get this for my Gphone and Javelin in the future.

  2. Have you tried BestSkinsEver? Sounds identical – even to the application process. What I found with them as time went on (6 months +) the adhesive on the corders started to loosen and then caught dirt and pocket lint, etc. I’d be curious to see how BodyGuardz compare in the long run…

  3. I was thinking the same thing about the adhesives – most skins start coming off after several months and need to be replaced purely for that. I’m assuming that’s why you get two skins.

    Are you able to get a different color skin for the second one, or are they both the same?

  4. @donpnor, I too have that issue with my 8330. I bought the skins from and the top 2 edges on the front face plate have started to peel back and collect lint from my pockets. But, it’s only a little bit of the peeling so it’s not that bad. The other thing is that the skin doesn’t cover the whole BB. The black edges are still exposed. I’ve dropped my BB a couple of times on concrete and have incurred some deep scratches on the black edges of my BB. Wish it was a FULL cover.

    Anyone know if the BodyGuardz skin is a full skin?

  5. Yes, the BodyGuardz are a full skin (aside from the keyboard that is) they have nice cutouts for the camera, as well as all the ports. I have also heard that by using a hair dryer you can get the corners to stick REALLY well. I will post an update here in a couple months to let you all know how they are holding up.

  6. Too soon yet, but as part of your “couple months” follow-up you might want to try taking some comparison photos now and then. Sometimes products like this have a tendency to “yellow” with age, would be interesting to know if these are susceptible.

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