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Free BeBold Theme For 8100, 8300, & 8800

Timothy just let me know about a nice Bold theme he released. It comes in one version for the 8300/8800 and one for the 8100 series. The theme uses the slick Bold icons and looks really sharp. I looks really good even with your own background. Nothing groundbreaking here but it is a very nice theme for those of us waiting for a bold.

beBold1 beBold-4 be1

The theme can be downloaded OTA at the following links on BlueroomSolution. Just make sure to download the correct version for your OS:

BeBold 8100BeBold 8300/8800

beBoldP beBoldP2 beBoldP3

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  1. why are there empty slots on my home screen?

  2. I have empty slots too. I have an 8800.

  3. Whats the third icon on the dock???

  4. This theme is sooo nice if only that blank spot wasn’t on the home screen…

  5. I let the developer know. Hopefully he will respond…

  6. Also, I wish the curve version of this theme was the same as the pearl one…

  7. Hi all, here are the couple of fixes for thopse issues.

    1. The 2nd Icon is BB Messenger. Usually the OS version might be off. If you are sure that you have the right version, send me a PM at with your model and exact OS version

    2. The 3rd icon is for SMS/MMS. You need to sperate your email and sms boxes to get that icon to appear.

    As always if you have any issues visit me at and Ill take care of any issues that I can.

    Thanks for the interest in the theme

  8. The sms icon bumps one pixel left when hovered over, this is annoying. I love the rest of the theme tho

  9. Yep that is being fixed as well as the media icon and 1 other one I believe.

  10. Also, the carrier name isn’t centered! And maybe u shuld make the icons a little bigger? I love this theme so much tho.

  11. I would love to use this theme but it doesn’t show up in my list of themes to choose from. I have and I used the 4.5 OTA link. Does this require another theme on the device (kind of like how Zen themes require Dimension Zen)?

  12. Forgot to mention I have a 8120.

  13. Last thing, the call screen is so ugly. I hate the plain white…

  14. Joey what verion are you using, the call scren shouldn’t be all white….could you clarify?

    Also I am fixing the icons that shift, center the carrier bar above the time.

    Follow this thread at BRS. AT this thread you can make update suggestions and follow the timing of the release.

    Also if you having troubles PM me at either BRS or Crackberry.

    Thanks again.

  15. anyway you could unlock the home screen icons?

  16. Test performed on:
    Phone: Curve 8320

    Icons that shifts:

    1.) Setup Wizard
    2.) Options
    3.) SMS
    4.) Media
    5.) Set up Wi-Fi
    6.) Set Up Bluetooth
    7.) Voice Dialing
    8.) Camera

    Video Camera icon is not changed, the original OS icon is showing instead. For the consistency sake it should be changed IMHO.

    All in all, theme looks awesome, it’s just I would test it hundreds of times if needed before I release it, rather than rushing the release just to make it happen before someone else release something similar.

    My advice: fix these shifting icons and create one that’s missing (Video Camera in 4.5.x.x) and this will rock.


  17. Also, forgot to mention one very important thing (at least to me)…

    Image quality (desktop wallpaper) for the desktop and for the in-call section (when you receive a call) is very low. It is obvious that quite high JPEG compression is used.

    We all have more than enough memory inside our berry’s and besodes almost everyone has media cards installed as well. I believe we all would like to see high quality images on our desktop rather than having my iPhone friends laughing over my phone how bad this image quality is.

    For the desktop one it’s kind of OK because we can replace it with something else from our wallpaper collection (not many will keep original one anyway), but for the in-call one, we can not change it, so please use a lot higher quality image rather than releasing this theme with JPEG 50% of quality.

    Thanks in advance!

  18. That little AJAX looking circular progress bar (instead of the hourglass) shifts one or two pixels to the top after the first frame of animation. It looks like only first one or two frames are shifted one or two pixels lower than the rest of frames inside the progress wheel animation sequence. To test it, just lock your keyboard and pay a good attention to the center of the screen (it happens quickly). You’ll see that first frame is positioned lower than the rest of the frames.

    Don’t want to bug you or sound like a PITA, I just thought you may want to know about all these glitches so you can fix them.

  19. Thanks, I am getting closer!

  20. I am useing on an 8320 whe u make a call the screen is all white.

  21. “We all have more than enough memory inside our berry’s”

    Sorry..I find this comment humerous, unless you are running a Bold of course

    Some minor fixes are obviously needed, some you can fix…some you cannot due to Plazmic being a crap program but overall mothy nice theme, keep up the great work.

  22. @ Bla1ze

    Of course you found it “humeros” if you keep hundreds of MP3s inside. Blackberry is a wonderful Multimedia tools as well, but that’s not its primary function. For everything I use it for, BB is more than enough.

    Plazmic is not perfect but it is not crap. I’ve created tens of themes and shifting in icon states has nothing to do with Plazmic “being crappy” program. It is how you lay out your icon graphics and it has nothing to do with application itself. If you export your icon with few pixels towards left or right, or up and down for that matter, Plazmic will “read” it exactly as you present your graphics to it.

    Everything I said to Mothy is nothing else but constructive comments trying to draw his attention to those little glitches. If (I am sure he will) he fixes them, this theme will (as I already mentioned up there) rock!

    Mothy, heads up! 😉

  23. Joey shoot me a PM at BRS!

  24. i need file alx for 8100

  25. are there any themes that do not require OTA????? for the 8300 curve?

  26. se ve muy bueno

  27. thank you

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