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BBNotePad – Final Version 1.1.0 Released

Emily let me know that the developer of BBNotePad has released the final version of the application on BlackBerryForums. In case you don’t know, BBNotePad is a free text file editor/creator application for BlackBerry. It simply lets you save, edit, & create text files on your BlackBerry SD card or memory. The developer also added some more functionality in this release.

bbnotepad2 You can read more about it on the BBNotePad project website. OTA and Desktop installation links can be found on the bottom of this page. If you find the application useful feel free to leave the developer a few bucks through a PayPal donation.

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  1. This app is hot. But its god damn annoying asking me all the time if it should open a folder every time twice, I even edited the permission to allow the program. Sheesh. Any work around for this thing.

  2. Watch the language Randy R….. let’s keep this blog friendly for all eyes. There is absolutely no reason for such language over a FREE program glitch. Pull it together or quit commenting.

  3. haha Sorry Thats what happens when think but your hand types at the same time.

  4. Yes, that glitch renders the application unusable.

  5. I agree w/ Randy. The notification/alerts appearing for every folder/file is EXTREMELY annoying. It’s a shame, BBNotePad is a great app to replace the BlackBerry Memopad and saves memory on those BlackBerry’s that have low memory (8800 and early 8300 models). Hopefully there will be a fix to it.

  6. The fix is to have the app digitally signed…

    Hence, IF you guys stump up some $$$ then I am sure the developer will get it digitally signed so these minor annoyances will disappear… Its certainly NOT unuseable as stated above.

  7. Ok maybe I live in a different world, but since starting to use it yesterday I haven’t run into ANY of these annoying notices you guys seem to be talking about. Seems like a great little program to me.

  8. Another solution is to enable the firewall then allow access to each application as they are used. You just have to give authorization once to each application. Still annoying though since some applications don’t play ball with the firewall. Personally, I disabled my firewall and will wait for a digitally signed version of BBNotePad.

  9. @Nikolaus, that problem occurs on OS 4.5. It doesn’t occur on 4.2. I don’t know about 4.3.

  10. @Luciano ES: I am using

  11. Then you have firewall enabled, don’t you?

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