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Giveaway: Why do you love your BlackBerry?

Love!All of us here at BerryReview love our BlackBerry’s, in one way or another. I myself love my BlackBerry for countless reasons. Enough to write all over my hand at least ;-). There have been other loves, but they weren’t true.

I haven’t posted here in several months due to the fact I was without the internet. But my BlackBerry kept me going. I was able to do anything I needed to (except post here). With six different email accounts being pushed to my berry, I could stay connected with everyone I know.

So now we are asking you, why do you love your BlackBerry?

Write your story in the comments of this post and we’ll pick the best one out of all. Top choice will be featured here on BerryReview receive their pick of any one theme or game from! The contest ends on Sunday August 17th.

Good luck & happy writing!

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  1. Because it’s not an iPhone.

  2. I love my blackberry berry much simply for the fact it gets everything done efficiently I dont have to much of one thing or to less all the programs I use and do what they have to. It also made my life easier with tasks, checking email on the go, browsing websites or just typing notes when I’m in class. I’m addicted to it. Plus I show it off and tell everybody why they are inferior to me :-D. Plus I dont countless things with my girlfriend with the video… haha. No but I do seriously. That and its really lightweight.

  3. Randy R.
    Post a video…lol….just j/k

    My BB8320 & 8120 are my life. I now have “0” downtime with this thing because of the apps, games, email, web, etc. It’s one device I’ll never get bored of or with. It does everything I set out for it to do. I even use it in Church. I have the Beiks Bible on it. I love my blackberry because It loves me back.

  4. I love my blackberry because it’s solid, functional, powerful and reliable. It works. It works extremely well. While not perfect, RIM has traditionally been a company I can respect. They’re not number one in innovation, but they try to make sure when they come out with something, it’s solid. In the time that Palm has risen and fallen, Windows mobile, struggled to get traction (till the last few years or so), and people have drank the Apple Kool-Aid, RIM has hung solidly on to their core business and what they do best. And they’re Canadian! (Sorry, little bit of pride here… feel free to ignore that).

    But my true attraction to my blackberry goes well beyond mere “love” as it were (we often toss that word around). The Blackberry is my primary phone, has 6 email accounts, has 4 instant messenger accounts (Jivetalk), my Facebook notifier and thus is my primary point of contact. It links to my calendar, Remember the milk and is the only reason I remember to do anything (my memory is terrible). It’s my gps device (Google Maps, Blackberry Maps, bbtracker, Traffic Vizzion), so I don’t get lost and don’t get stuck in traffic. With Viigo it’s my personal, portable, live-updated (almost) newspaper with all and only the content I care about. It’s my directory assistance (beyond411), my link to Google, my AskMeNow, ask-it-anywhere link to all the information on the internet. It’s my alarm clock, my watch and my flashlight. It’s my portable USB drive that I’m a little less afraid of losing (It’s the absolute first thing I notice when it’s missing).

    My only complaint is that it NEVER seems to have enough memory. How can I have half a dozen GPS programs, games, ebook readers, document readers, information aggregators, information searchers and 3 dozen other programs, with such limitations?

    However, I can quit anytime I want. But, I don’t need to, because I’m not addicted. I need a stronger coffee.

  5. To Impress My Future Wife!
    Here’s the story. When I first met my wife, she was doing pretty well, while I didn’t have squat. While living in my grannies basement, I came up with an idea of how I could be given the chance for her to get to know me. I pretended to be better off than I was, at least until she got to know me.
    I borrowed my best friends car, and my older brother’s blackberry, so I’d appear more “sophisticated”. However I had no idea how to even use the phone. Messages started coming through while we were eating. The phone starts beeping. He had notifications for text, mms, emails, and internet messaging! She thought I was the busiest person in the world. I had no idea how to work anything or a clue as to make it all stop. I ended up going to the restroom and pulling out the battery.
    Long story short, she got to know me and loved the lengths I went for her. And we both fell in love . . . with blackberries. We both have 8320’s now and love to tell people our story!

  6. I love my blackberry because it empowers me. I can do anything with it. If I get lost I can fimd my way. I can answer emails no matter where I am. It is truly the best. This is just a few of the reasons why I love my blackberry.

  7. Why would you not love your blackberry, would be my question? It is the perfect companion. It is never short on conversation or boring and is a constant source of entertainment whether it be music, movies or games. It is small enough so you can sneak it in just about anywhere. I grew up without electricity (or indoor plumbing). I was born in the hills of Tennessee and saw a color TV for the first time on my honeymoon over 38 years ago. I never could have imagined having something like a Blackberry. I’ve cleaned the mud between my toes and left the hills of Tennessee and I’m now completed addicted to my Blackberry. To some it may be a status symbol, to others a necessity for their career. For me, it is a neverending adventure with a new application or new feature to try almost daily. It is a part of my life and not something I could easily give up. And I probably won’t. I’m sure my children and grandchildlren are so used to seeing it in my hand they will bury it with me.

  8. Why do I love my pearl, let me count the ways! First, would have to be the size, coupled with her abilities. We’ve been together for almost two years now, and have travelled to Europe, all over the u.s. and even Egypt! she’s been the perfect companion, always listening and not talking back when I don’t want her to.As petite as she is, my pearl has never failed to deliver! She, guided me through unknown streets abroad, and found me the best price on fuel at home. She’s kept me in touch from the other side of the globe, and allowed me to reach out and get pizza from across the street. She’s allowed me to trot around the world without lugging a computer with me, and as much as I travel, that’s huge!

    Then, of course there’s the fact that I can take her anywhere. She fits in whether I’m at a business meeting,enjoying. Fine dining, at a black tie event or loungeing by the pool, she’s always the perfect compliment to my attire.

    And then, to top it all off, she’s RED! How could it get any better? Oh, yea,how about the Ferrari theme? And the virtually endless number of accessories and software? A truly amazing solution to so many of life’s little annoyances.

    And what the hell is an eye-fone anyway? Looks like a flat metal brick to me!

    I plan on being very happy with pearl for the foreseeable future!

  9. I love mine because after having 2 kids I have completely lost my mind, and my BB does my thinking for me. 🙂

  10. I love my blackberry because it’s the only thing that keeps me in contant contact with my husband when he’s deployed to iraq. For that reason alone my blackberry will always be priceless.

  11. My boss loves my Blackberry almost as much as I do. When traveling or on weekends, I receive his email as well as three accounts of my own. Anything important I just forward via SMS to his inexpensive little Nokia. If it’s too long to forward as an SMS, I can call him and read it to him. Junk mail I can delete before it hits his Outlook and cuts down on his frustrations. Because he’s technologically challenged, it makes him more productive and it’s not that difficult for me. It takes a lot of trust but we’ve been working together for over 20 years so it’s not a problem for us.

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