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T-Mobile Roadmap For 2008 Detailed

BlackBerry8820BBNews has been on a roll recently with some great leaked info. They got some details about the upcoming launch of more colorful Pearls, the 8220, & the Javelin on T-Mobile. The sad part is that it looks like a 3G Bold is not coming to T-Mobile until 2009 since you wont be able to use 3G with an unlocked AT&T Bold on T-Mobile due to the different frequencies required.

According to MikeyPants T-Mobile will be working hard to entice customers not to flock to AT&T for the Bold or iPhone. Some of the their spin tactics make sense while others seem implausible. For example, it makes sense for them to push Google Maps as a feature but presenting the upcoming SlingPlayer over EDGE as a top feature would not be a smart move for T-Mobile.

Interesting details:

  • Pearl’s will now also come in Tahitian Green, indigo, & Light Blue
  • 8220 (SideKick flip phone) should be available in September/October with UMA
  • The Javelin will be available sometime in the November/December timeframe

Personally I also thought it was interesting to see that T-Mobile is pushing the current Pearl line by offering 1 month of free internet/email for new purchases. This along with the fact that they are posting some good numbers for last quarter show that things are going pretty well for T-Mobile.

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  1. Since when can you not use the unlocked [email protected] I have it in new york and its working fine g3 and all for t-mobile

  2. AT&T uses a different frequency for 3G compared to T-Mobile. The AT&T version of the Bold does not have that frequency so it will not work for 3G. You will still get EDGE and phone calls but 3G is out the door until the T-Mobile specific one comes out.

  3. It looks like t-mobile will be using 1700 and 2100 mHZ the att uses 1900 2100 MHZ

  4. Yeah AT&T runs 3G on the 850 & 1900 frequency bands while T-Mobile runs 3G on the 1700mhz frequency band

  5. But if the phone can do g3 in 1900 and 2100 mhz and t-mobile will be using 1700 and 2100 wouldnt it just work on the 2100?????????

  6. T-Mobile does not use 2100mhz for 3G. 2100Mhz is the international 3G standard. We just like screwing things up in the US. That is why non-US 3G phones dont work on 3G here.

  7. T-mobile 3G does support 2100 mhz. From their website: “What frequency does your 3G network support?
    Our 3G network supports both the 1700MHz and 2100MHz frequencies”.
    So a smartphone like the Nokia E71-3 which uses 3G freqs of 850 and 2100 should work on both AT&T and T-mobile

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