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Poll: What Do You Think About Mobile TV?

I have always envied Koreans since they get to watch TV anywhere using their cellphones. I think it would be pretty cool to watch TV on my BlackBerry while sitting on the train. On the other, hand mobile TV has yet to even make a dent in the US. MobiTV just announced that they have 4 million subscribers so I guess somebody is using it. I tried the re-branded MobiTV service on a Sprint 8330 and it worked quite well even though it was slightly grainy and slow to load. However, the pricing for Sprints TV service was way out of my range for casual use and the pricing structure was truly confusing.

mobiletv There are also already 3 completely incompatible mobile TV technology standards that I know of currently including DMB, DVB-T, and MediaFLO on top of the companies like MobiTV that stream it over the internet. Toshiba has already thrown in the towel in Europe with regards to mobile TV in Europe and Nokia is wondering when it will ever take off. I think Don Reisinger summed up the whole situation well in his Mashable article titled “Why Mobile TV is a total waste of time.”

Still, the upcoming SlingPlayer application has me excited since it would mean that I could watch regular cable on my BlackBerry. That is, if the application is ever released (more on that in another post).

So I have to ask. Are you interested in mobile TV or you just couldn’t care any less about it? If so, what flavor of mobile TV are you interested in?

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  1. I don’t really care about mobile tv because the screen is too small. i dont even care for watching videos on an iphone. I’m used to watching tv on big, flatscreen tv’s. But it should be an option for people who want it.

  2. Isn’t OS 4.5 (or was it 4.6) said to support divx/xvid? If true, will be quite nice for me as it will beat having to transcode everything I want to watch mobile.

  3. Nitpicky, but the phrase is not “I could care less about mobile TV,” it’s “I COULDN”T care less about mobile TV.”

    The one you’ve used means that “I have the ability to care less,” implying that I actually quite like it.

  4. Thanks for catching that Jeff. Luc already told me about it before. I changed it to clarify the meaning but it will confuse some people in the US.
    I could care less is a common American English saying as you can see
    But I can see how it could confuse non-Americans

  5. Mobile TV is not that useless as some people seem to think. Once there was a time when I went to another city often, it took me at least two hours to be back home and it was usually between 9pm and midnight. So I missed my two favorite TV shows: the late night news and a talk show. The image was critical in neither, sound was what mattered most. But I had neither. I would love to have had TV at that time. Many people still have to travel or commute often, I bet they would love to have TV on a Curve, small screen and everything.

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