OS For The 8320 Found Online

Thanks to another anonymous tipster who found OS for the 8320 on the interweb.

Point in fact:

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. Thanks allot anonymous tipster…. really appreciate this find….

  2. That link was taken down

  3. Can anyone provide a mirror?

  4. Mirrors would really be nice 😀

  5. sure would be nice to find a link that’s working…!!!

  6. What a let down….

  7. Link no worky… NOOOOOooooooooo!

  8. No back up yet please? AnonY Tipster we need youuuuuuu wink wink rapidshareee

  9. the link is gone! any mirrorS?

  10. I have a working link, go to http://adlen45.activeboard.com

  11. DO NOT post my link elsewhere or I will remove it. Thank you

  12. I have a talent for barely missing out on link for new software. DOes anyone have any compassion that could email me a link? [email protected]

  13. michael u have no links?

  14. I DO have links, hahaha!!

  15. michael quit liain you Dont 8320 no u dont

  16. Uploading the file to rapidshare as we speak because a lot of other people are to fucking lame to do it…

  17. You are right I have it for the 8100, 8120, 8130, 8310, 8320 and 8330. So you were right, I don’t just have it for the 8320!!

  18. Thanks sebasc

  19. Alright michael you are very COOL now that you have em now quit being a baby and shut up.

  20. fuck u michael !!!! thanks alot sebasC

  21. :: sighz :: Save yourself some time Michael its okay if you want attention, its only a matter of time until it becomes available.

    @ SebasC The first link to complicated also dont want to install a program I dont know to get it, I hope a rapidshare link comes through also isnt 52 small for a release its normally like 90MB or more.

  22. Also the server is busy lol.

  23. The link is complicated i used that raysource to download it (its English only 58 MB on this one) was done in 10 minutes installing 69 now 🙂

  24. will load it up to mega upload !

  25. Blech Rapidshare slow in uploading.. tried MegaUpload slow too.. I Hate my internet connection 😛

  26. All of yall can suck my rebel dick, I wanted to share, but not now. Find them on your own assholes! I am out and about and was going to post when I got home, not anymore

  27. lol michael did people step up your little wee wee for acting like that? Making up excuses and stuff 🙂 It’s a shame that people like you excist 🙂 I should tell your mommy on you for acting like a 9 year old.

  28. megaupload is takenin a while i have 3mbps about 1.5 in upload

  29. Alright its the best i can do… it’s in the form a torrent file…


  30. anyone have a valid link or file 2 share for this release?

  31. Thank You CJam

  32. Hey CJ…
    I understand the sound is improved…anything else you’ve noticed?

  33. Do they work? I am downloading now and will let you know soon. Thanks

  34. we ALL owe you one…thanks again !

  35. WOO HOO I got it thanks to you and me and all the good people on this site. <3 MAKE LOVE NOT WAR! Im going to flip if the sound really improved.

  36. I am installing but I am a little worried. Every 4.5 beta version that has been out was over 85mb. This file is small compared to those…..

  37. keith its the english version only it says 8320E

  38. Thanks, that makes me feel better!

  39. Thanks CJ, i’m not experienced with downloading a new OS and don’t wanna screw up my BB, how should I install OS 4.5?

  40. @CJ aka mike:
    Thanks man!! Your megaupload link was the only one that worked for me! Woo Hoo!

  41. Works great!!

  42. I meant “installing” a new OS……download worked, want to install but don’t wanna fuck it up, suggestions?

  43. @Mikey, and any others who are nervous:
    Please do a full backup of your device before you install (after if you have already installed it) the update. Close desktop manager. Then run the installer of this OS update, which should take only a few minutes. Open Desktop manager and let it look for updates. It should find the OS 4.5 update you just installed. It might even ask you to do a backup, but you already have so say No. You can hit “Advanced” or “Custom” to choose which apps to install and retain after the OS update. The update itself will take as much as 30 minutes due to reboot times. If you think you don’t like it, then you can always restore back to an earlier OS and restore your device info from your backup.

  44. Sweet, thanks Nikolaus I appreciate the info!

  45. MIKEY …. DON’T forget to delete the vender.xml fil

  46. CJakamike ………………………………………………………….

    THANK YOU for helping so many of us !!!!!!!!!!!

    Great memory on this release and the volume IS better ,

    thanks again

  47. paul i havent found any other difference in .69 just no more memory leaks an improved sound no prob.

  48. Thank you CJ! I’ve been looking for this everywhere!


  49. I installed it on my tmo 8320 works perfectly so does wifi.

  50. I have been looking for this, thanks for sharing.

  51. You know…I find it hilarious that people look for these beta versions and once they download them, they ask “How do I upgrade the OS?” For fvck’s sake, if you don’t know how to upgrade your OS, stay away from a BB and get be a lemming and get an iPhone.

  52. my favs icons are back…folder options are in…..better memory….better sound…..a little snappier….
    Could THIS finally be the release to carriers ???

  53. Kiss my ass PJon, I’m sorry you’re so much better than than the rest of us. Besides, how else am I supposed to learn if I don’t ask?

  54. You’re right Mickey, you have to start somewhere. PJon I’m sure the first time you upgraded your OS you looked for help somewhere…otherwise you’re a technical genious or a complete idiot. I know the first time I did I was confused and looked for help. Mikey feel free to ask away…

  55. my vote goes for the 2nd descriptor…
    isn’t that why we have these groups … to help each other …?

  56. Anybody else noticed that you cant change your browser option to T-zone browser I am only given the option for Hotspot Browser.

  57. I just want to comment to Michael (9 yr old). We here in the bb community, if mature, tend to share new info on up and coming bb’s, os’, etc. For you to act like a girl is just unheard of. You should be using an Iphone like the rest of the hoes! …lol…
    I almost got upset listening to this type of conduct go on, on my favorite site for updates and downloads. If you can’t learn to share your crack habit with other users then get off our drug! DimWit!

  58. Randy R …
    turn OFF wi-fi, resend your books and pull your battery…that worked for me (same prob)

    BTW ….
    hasn’t EVERYONE on this post asked for “help” in one way or another ?

  59. 8100 http://www.mediafire.com/?vfi0mnerbod
    8120 http://www.mediafire.com/?4zntu54m8pc
    8130 http://www.mediafire.com/?o5apky1nvdf
    8310 http://www.mediafire.com/?xmqxyfrroio
    8320 http://www.mediafire.com/?wfijltz9mtj
    8330 http://www.mediafire.com/?bpbd8pxexwz

    I should have .7x later this week for both the 8310 and 8320
    so, Enjoy!! I was tryig to help by posting links to betas and was attacked by imbiciles!! If you cant defend yourself, what should you do? Maybe I will share the .7X and maybe I wont, we will have to see. HOPEFULLY I will change my mind about this place by then. And you can say what you want, it doesn’t bother me. Have a great day everyone, and keep berrying!! The Fantom

  60. All of the OS’s I posted above can also be found here http://adlen45.activeboard.com/ and can find help on instillation, memory optimization, and any other OS questions you may have, so stop by and check it out. If you like it, join up. Thanks and have a great evening!!

  61. well will u look at here some 1 changed there mind ha ha !

  62. michael good thing u changed ur mind cuz those links wasnt der earlier an the help wasnt there also ur a bit late

  63. Thanks Paul cant believe I overlooked that option. :-).

    @ Michael – I’m not trying to a prick or anything but more then likely if one person has a beta another person will have it, people who are crackberrier’s will post them online just in a matter of time that is. No offense just making sense.

  64. to all :

    we’re over it and we ALL appreciate the posts that anyone can get…
    we DO have at least 1 thing in common …….

    thanks to all who helped me get a Really Rockin’ Curve!
    (and here’s to raising our bongs..i mean glasses to the Next release!)

  65. Good Job Michael. From one crackhead to another….lol

  66. Great stuff Michael! Sure hope you DO post those .7x betas when you get them! Can’t wait to see whats left to fix, .69 is solid. Looks like we should be getting official OSs anytime now…

  67. Hey Michael,

    Just stopped by to say one thing. I am so grateful for all your posts and I completely understand you and I am at your side. All those shitheads who attacked you deserve nothing but shit in the face.

    And even worse… look at these MFs trying to get into your butt now. Few posts earlier they started shitting about you attacking you with all weapons they have, and after you promised all of a sudden they all are so grateful and thankful to you. I hate hypocrisy and its followers.

    Advice: do not post .7x and let them find it the hard way.

    To all those who attacked this decent person – simply – FUCK YOU ALL!

  68. @umghenton – LOL, so true and finally someone got guts to say it in public. This is full of shitheads and this thread revealed it all in less than few hours of posting.
    Go Michael!

  69. Holy Reboot Speed Batman!! I just rebooted my 8320 and it was lightning fast! Shazzam!

  70. anyone else finding this release (.69) a little sluggish and buggier than .55 ???????????????
    sure, the reboot is faster, and all was fine the 1st 4-5 hours, but now………….

  71. “……..what a difference a day makes…………….”

    we’re OVER it !!!!!!!!!
    move on

  72. @Paul S: Do you have Memory Cleaning on? After an OS install you always have to manually turn it back on again. I have it on, and my .69 8320 is running just as fast as yesterday, and faster than .55 was.

  73. yea…i run it manually…it always turns off after a reboot and then i start it agin, then reboot…then start it again…it gets old…i think the problem is the Viigo beta update they just released…at least i HOPE so…i’m going back to the previous version and see if that helps…thanks, tho.

  74. Hey Paul,
    I’m running .69 with Viigo beta and I haven’t seemed to have any issues. Are you running any other 3rd party software on there?

  75. http://depositfiles.com/files/6976740
    share ! share ! share !

  76. Bill S …
    i was on the private beta…i switched to the public beta and no probs anywgere…

  77. Running for the last 2 days. Nothing but praises! Works perfect, lightning fast, no slowdowns whatsoever. It is obvious that RIM knows exactly what they are doing. True Canadians, go RIM go! We are not far from the final release, it is just a matter of weeks when it will be released officially to all carriers.


  78. how to install blackberry os instructions at this site:

  79. Looks like all the links have been removed.

  80. links gone? wat ders no problem with reuploadin dem =D

  81. Any signs of ? Thanks in advance!

  82. I’ve installed the .69 OS but still unable to watch video’s (youtube), is there a setting that i need to change? Please assist…

  83. yeah there a settin you have to change in your black berry browser options you have to enable java script an enable emmedia media

  84. And it still does not work. At one point few days ago it worked even without these options enabled, and all of a sudden nothing works any more (OS

    Every single time exactly the same message:

    Can not find web address. Verify that this web address is valid.”

    Everything else works perfectly fine, browsing the internet…

    Youtube does not work.

  85. .76 is out!

  86. And link is ? Where did you get that info?

  87. No download links… I guess those are just rumors nothing else.

  88. okay youhtu just a lil bit of a rim spy rite….

    PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!!!![/B][/COLOR]

    Apparently RIM knows there is an incompatibility with most T-mobile 8320 curves and the 4.5 OS.

    After trying everything, I got free tech support from RIM that’s normally $50/hr by calling through t-mobile blackberry technical support and requesting it.

    [B][COLOR=”Red”]The SOLUTION is to reinstall the OS.[/COLOR]
    That solves the problem, no more constant reboot.

    I was soooo mad, especially after 30 hours of troubleshooting (not including sleep).

    I have the file on my computer if anyone needs to acquire it; just tell me how to distribute it.

  90. If someone could email OS file to blitzmr2 (at) gmail.com I’d be very appreciative. I have a T-mobile 8320, 4.5 OS resets itself (red light) during phone calls, usually 4-5 times per day. I need to downgrade to, but T-Mobile has removed the old software from their site.


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