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OS & For 8100, 8120, 8130, 8310, 8320, & 8330 Found Online

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  1. Well would you look at that. Always good to see my name in lights!!

  2. makes u look good, but to much info though

  3. AWESOME! now I can finally stop scavenging… thanks!!!

  4. wow…and only 3 minutes to download! everyone must be sleeping!

  5. Is this an official release or beta?

  6. Nevermind 🙂

  7. Anyone installed it on their 8330 yet?

  8. sweet….

    now just find us the new one for 8830 and i will be happy..


    ps.. this website is freaking awesome.. i just started to visit it and i am impressed.


  9. I installed it successfully on my T-Mobile branded 8120 Pearl. So far, so good.

    The only difference I noticed is that some of the default AIM sounds that were in “My Ringtones,” are gone. No performance variations over so far.

    I’ll update this if I notice any quirks.

  10. Having issues with 8130. Download doesnt appear completed on my PC. Clicking the .exe only cause a DOS window to open and close. I’ve downloaded 5 times using different browsers- same results in all.

  11. seamed to be deleted…

  12. I almost thought RIM forgot they created an 8130, but The Fantom came through. And thankfully there is BerryReview to report the good stuff. All other BB sites I regular for my BB fix are complete crap compared to BR blocking all links to leaked os’. There is no doubt all sites have their pros and cons but BR is perfect 100 on a scale of 1-10.

  13. installed fine on my Verizon 8130..Didn’t even have to modify the vendor list. no issues so far. HTML works after resendng service books.. Just have to remove the stock Verizon themes, ringtones, etc once again.

  14. Still slow as HELL on the 8100.

  15. No love for the 8830…….not right..

  16. Nice find by The Fantom! Ronen you tranposed the ‘d’ and ‘l’ in adlen45, the link to the OS 4.5 forums should be

  17. Links are all dead.

  18. Can someone put these up on rapidshare? Mediafire stinks!!

  19. If the links are dead, I will rehost and post the new links here!

  20. Thank you Fantom!

  21. I cant wait for a new link for the 8130… want this so bad!

  22. No love for the 8800?

  23. Can someone re-up the links?

  24. A re-up would be great the 8130 link is dead thanks:)

  25. The 8120 and 8310 links are still working as of 21:17 CDT

  26. Sorry Nyce22, I havent seen ANYTHING for the 88xx. As soon as I do everyone will know!!

  27. 8130 link still working as of Aug 5 00:23 EST

  28. dl still working at 01:00 CST, its taking for ever. hopefully it finishes before this link gets shut down

  29. 8310 link shut down 🙁 didn’t get it 🙁 if anyone finds a live link please get me on my BB messenger PIN : 255098B2

  30. How bout 8820? *sigh*

  31. Does anyone know if this works on the Sprint 8130? I’m a little worried about trying it.

  32. did they fix the sound volume?? That is whats keeping on the old OS.

  33. Installed and tried it for the Sprint 8130. I’m guessing this won’t work on it because it didn’t find the upgrade in the Desktop Manager.

  34. Joe it wont see it in desktop manager because its not an official install you will need to follow these steps to install the new beta OS

  35. @ Joe:

    Did you delete the vendor file?

    Program Files -> Common Files -> Research In Motion -> AppLoader

    Delete the Vendor.xml file, and then try loading Desktop Manager again.

  36. Thank you Fantom

  37. Just tried the link for the 8130 download and it says that the file was removed for violating mediafire’s policy. Didn’t try the links for any of the others.

  38. Thanks for the help. Works on the Sprint 8130. Makes my today plus theme not work anymore and the same with google maps and blackberry maps but I’m sure a fix will come out.

  39. Downloaded for the 8130. Don’t see Docs2go. No HTML email. Do I need to do something else?

  40. To Davbot:

    Is there a link to the link for the 8130?

  41. Michael…for docs2go…you need to plug in the phone again after you install the 4.5 os and then go into the app loader. if you scroll down you will see docs to go…check the box and then click install…for some reason it doesnt install with the os.

  42. Also Michael, for HTML e-mail you must go into your BIS site and resend the service books…then go into messages, click the menu button, select options…select email settings and then for the “enable HTML Email and Download Images Automatically” change the value to yes and then save the changes. this works for all future HTML e-mails, nothing current or past.

  43. Woo Hoo! Thanks tolcrackmonkey!

  44. Just a quick ? as I know I must be missing something. I downloaded and installed desktop manager 4.5 and then the link from phantom for my pearl 8130, which I have through Sprint, and I read the link on how to install a new OS but when I connect my pearl it does not recognize that I have the new software and when I go to the location, the folder for 4.5 is there. Any help would be great.


  45. Torrey, i would uninstall the desktop manager, reinstall it and then run the 4.5 os application again. then try plugging in and synching.

  46. Torrey i advised you remove every thing by uninstalling the 4.5 desktop manager an all the beta os you have on there , then reinstall desktop manager an install the beta then after dat you have to remove the vendor.xml file then simple just run desktop manager an plug in ur Blackberry

  47. Thanks for the help tolcrackmonkey and cj, I did the suggested and now have it loaded on my phone and everything is working fine.


  48. 1st i’d like to thank you all for sharing info on BB!!!
    FYI; i dl os.69 and lets just say i was exploring on my BB and totally messed it up with it would not come back on. gave error msg 503 and then prompt to reset but reset bring back the same error msg. reason for this is if we use a theme we dl from elsewhere it may not work on the new OS that we install. in order to fix this, you would have to reinstall the new OS and delete the new themes you have on your phone…
    also if anyone can assist me, .69 should be able to view streaming vidoes on th eweb, yet i can not, please help with this one…Thank you

  49. TMO8320…this link over at crackberry should help you out with how to reload on a nuked bb.

    Hope this gives you what you need.

  50. anyone have it for the 8820? need link PLEASE

  51. I have curve 8300. Does anyone have the version for 8300? Can you please share it? Thanks

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