OS For CDMA 8330 Found Online

Score one for our anonymous tipster this weekend. Turns out that OS has been found on the radar by one of our readers.

Point in fact can be found here:


NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

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  1. installing as we speak. thanx

  2. Damn as soon as I leave my house this comes out!

  3. Where is the love for the 8830. Feeling like i should have the 8330. hmmmmm.

  4. it will im sure. it usually does

  5. 8130 Almost Here?

  6. No HTML email…didn’t with .51 either. Any clues?

  7. Any brave souls out there try this build yet? Please post results?? How’s overall performance? HTML emails? Any problems or issues?

    Many Thanks!!

  8. did you resend your service books? if so make sure html is enabled in your email settings.

  9. installed flawlessly. was running .51 before and really had no issues. will keep using and if i find something i will post.

  10. HTML only seems to be working for new emails, not the one’s I had on the device before. I’ll repost any thing else I notice.

  11. Ran the install file, then when i open desktop manager it doesnt show 4.5 as a option to install, it just shows me apps that are already installed, any ideas?

  12. Delete vendor file?

  13. Any word on the 8130? I know its out there somewhere. I’ve seen screenshots of it but no luck finding it so far.

  14. Anyone have this mirrored somewhere else. Fileshare is stating no downloads available at this time and to purchase a premium membership.

  15. So have we established HTML emails work now? Build .51 was terrible for me. I also want to know how’s the overall responsiveness? Ealier builds seem to run slower and hourglass ever once in a while. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

  16. Are there any major changes from .51? Do you get full HTML? Is there a delay when you answer the phone?

  17. Installed and everything seems to be working fine. I sent service books and I get html once I click get images..so far so good!! It seems as though my memory is lasting longer with the upgrade. I have been downloading music and playing around with my curve. Keeping fingers crossed 🙂

  18. No major issues yet. Wish the html dl’d automatically. I don’t know if it’s supposed to or not, though.

  19. Does anybody have instructions on how to install this? I have the 8330 Curve (Verizon). I sync my blackberry with my MacBook through Missing Sync. If anybody has proper instructions on how to install the new OS 4.5 with what I have that would be greatly appreciated. I also have a PC and if I need to use that, will do. Thanks.

  20. Pretty sure you would have to use the PC Danny. OS device installs instructions are an easy Google away.

  21. I just installed this update I was running, I t seems to be working good. Does anyone know what updates and changes were made on this version.

  22. How do you enable the HTML setting for emails?

  23. ditto for 8130 v4.5… anyone finds this, you my hero!

  24. if anyone has the file could someone mirror it on rapidshare? this is taking forever to dl

    html email is only for new email and you have to select get image or get images all for the pics to DL

  25. this version run perfect. i have not had a single problem and have been running it for hours and have tested all applications. i have BES and have html working. thank you for the upload

  26. I don’t have HTML working and I’m not sure what BES is. Any help on either of these things would be appreciated. I installed it and have had no problems at all.

  27. Also with 4.5, I can’t lock my phone anymore? Is ther a new function or way to lock the phone with this OS?

  28. Installed on my Sprint Curve 8330. No problems. Everything, including the Sprint Navigation and HTML e-mail works. The HTML e-mail is a little funny in presentation, but functional. Woooohoooo!

  29. Anyone tried this version on a Telus 8330?

    Except for a few glitch like the folders icons, everything was working on version .51, including the GPS (even if it took forever to get a fix). Now on this version, everything seems good except the GPS that doesn’t seems to work anymore. Blackberry Maps search for satellite forever and google maps just use cell tower position.

  30. Well I installed and everthing seemed to be working just fine. But there are some bugs headphone drivers must be missing unable to use. But when I yank the battery out and put it back in I’m able to here the snaping sound. The media player you have some extra optons for the sound doesn’t work either. I’m going to down grade back see if its my phone far as the head phone jack goes

  31. Headphone jack not working

  32. Re: Headphone drivers – mine works great. I have a pair of OEM stereo headphones and both voice call and media have checked out fine.

  33. And when using my bluetooth head phones if any call or alert pause the music, it will not start playing I have to manually do it myself

  34. Not sure if this is a bug but here it goes…..I installed toysoft.ca’s PicID version 1.1.9 over the version that was on my phone 1.1 previously on my Sprint Curve 8330. This is the program that allows you to have a full screen called ID when you get an incoming call. Ever since I installed it, there is a very nasty bug that is driving me crazy….when I end a call, rather than return to my home screen, I am returned to the call log. This is quite annoying and I am hoping to fix this. I have since uninstalled the program but some remnant of it must have remained behind and causing this issue. Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. Is anyone else experiencing this? Thanks in advance!

  35. This version is sweet! I have not had any problems with the OS itself or any of the applications that I use, including the navteq/sprint navigation gps stuff. Pretty cool!

  36. Hey JFig24, have you tried wiping the device, including 3rd party apps, and starting over?

  37. anybody have this for the 8830?

  38. how to install blackberry os instructions at this site:

  39. Possible glitches:

    1. The Enterprise Activation option seems to come and go randomly. Sometimes it’s under the Advanced Options menu, at other times it isn’t.

    2. Under the Manage Connections > Services Status menu it will often say ‘Blackberry Internet Service connection: not connected’ even though it is. A reboot will put it back to “Mobile Network” as it should be.

    3. You can no longer choose ‘Hide’ for the Options or Manage Connections icon.

    4. Under the Options > Status menu it no longer has an option for File Used (the number of bytes the memory is using).

    Has anybody else experienced any of these?

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