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Poll: What Secondary Feature Do You Use The Most?

Since the BlackBerry has grown up to be more than just a glorified pager I have always been interested in what else people use it for. I am talking beyond phone, email, and basic PIM management. By secondary features I mean the ones that are not the bread and butter of the BlackBerry. I know I use it daily to catch up on the latest news through my RSS reader.

So what do you think is the BlackBerrys most useful secondary feature?

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  1. What I use my Blackberry for mostly (along with the Treo and Handsprings before) is tasks with alarms. I’d forget to take my head in the morning if it weren’t for those. :-[

  2. I think this list is good but it would be better to rank them in order of importance, because while I also choose “Web Browsing” if the BB could only do that, then I’d switch to a phone that can do that plus much more. The Mapping, IM, and Facebook/Twitter are all features I use dozens of times per day.

    Ronen you didn’t have Blogging on there. I only created my own blog after I knew I could do it from my Berry. I have too much work to do when sitting at my computer. On my Berry while traveling is the best time to blog for me.

  3. I dont think a one option poll is fair. I agree with Nik in the same way, but I feel we needed a multiple choice type of poll I sort of use all the features equally one day I might use the media player only then the next just pure GPS kind of stuff then one day I leave the music playing while GPSing or Google Mapping and info look up.

  4. I agree guys. I am just slightly limited by the software. I am working on it though 🙂 Maybe something like a digg up and down a feature…

  5. I’d use a lot more of the add-ons and third party apps if the Blackberry wasn’t so short on memory, or better yet, could actually *run* programs from the SD card. For me, Viigo, FlexWallet, MS Live Search, Mobipocket Reader (gotta have ebooks!) and BBSmart Alarms Pro all are things I use daily beyond the email capability and PIM features.

  6. No fair, you closed the poll way too soon. Anyway, I use mine for ssh, camera, and GEOCACHING!

  7. Er, nevermind, you didn’t close the poll…it just looks that way if you’re viewing the mobile version of the site.

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