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When Cat Meets BlackBerry…

RIM has managed to convince my cat, Mars, to join the cult of CrackBerry. Now he can’t sleep without my his BlackBerry.


(I promised my wife that I would find a way to get our cat on BerryReview)

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  1. No wonder I got text message saying Meow MiX ASAP lol

  2. You should put a funny caption on this and submit it to

  3. I know this is off topic, but Does anyone know how to get rid of the “sent via blackberry” message at the end of an email?? Thanks

  4. I can has thumbs?

  5. This is why i don’t have a cat ….

  6. Warren, if you’re with AT&T go here:

    Log in and click “edit.” In the settings for the email address it will give you the option to change the signature.

    If you’re with another carrier, then you’ll probably have to consult the user forums for an answer.

    Hope that helps.

  7. OMG, this is so cute! We should start a thread with pics of our pets with Berrys!

  8. no curvey, no.
    I am not going to let me dog run off with my bb. She wont chew it, just run off and not come back till dinner time. I need it for the next, oh … 12 hours!

  9. Would have loved to see the reaction if someone had emailed or called you as you were taking the picture. Lol.

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