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I have a friend at work who uses a Palm Centro by Sprint. (Yeah, I know, the poor girl is very uninformed on the importance of a BlackBerry and I will turn her but that’s another time, another post) Anyways, she was showing me a game on her phone. A very cool game. Check out the video below to see what I mean. You need to skip ahead a bit to get an idea of how it plays…

It’s called Reality Arcade. It’s a first person target shooting game. Pretty much self explanatory. But here is the best part, the background of the game utilizes the camera so you are having to use your surroundings in order to search for the targets. The managers at my works were having a blast with the game trying to get the best score. I’m sure we all looked a little goofy to anyone who didn’t know what we were doing, turning around in circles trying to find the targets but it was all in good spirits.

Why can’t BPlay or Concrete come up with a game that uses more from the BlackBerry. Is Palm really that far ahead of the smartphone competition when it comes to games? I would like to doubt that. Is there a restriction against the camera being used in games? If this can ever become a reality, I would like to be a part of the Beta Program. And I know a few others who’d want to as well.

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  1. Yeah, this was a pretty revolutionary game. It turned my old Treo basically into a sort of Wii controller. The really cool and interesting thing about this game was that it used the movement of the background through the camera to determine the position of the cursor, turning it into a virtual joystick of sorts.

    Not sure why it wasn’t ported over to the Blackberry, but it did require the Treo because of the Intel ARM processor.

  2. ive seen that game and i definetly agree. i went looking for a game that does that on my blackberry. no such thing. me and my co-workers always compare phones, treo att tilt htc touch. blackberry is far behind. come on rim help us out

  3. this is the gayest game i have ever seen in my life. what a bunch of losers.

  4. this game would be sweet! especially on the storm with that niice big screen! one thing that has disappointed me with moving to BB (and not getting an iPhone) is the lack of fun games for it.

  5. This is really, really neat looking. I would love to have this or just try it out a couple times.

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