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Slydial – Call Directly To Somebodys Voicemail Box

I just read about Slydial on Engadget and I can already see quite a few uses for this. It essentially lets you dial directly to somebody’s voicemail box that way there is no chance of them picking up the phone. 🙂


The best part is that it is free as long as you are willing to listen to a short advertisement. If you plan on doing this often you can sign up for a subscription plan for $0.15 a call. There is no need to register to use the service.

Check it out at or just follow the instructions above.

via Engadget Mobile via DownloadSquad via CNN

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  1. Why would anyone need this when you can always leave a voicemail for anyone going through your own voicemail box. When I go into my (Sprint) voicemail I have an option to send a voicemail to any phone number.

  2. Yea that may be true, but if you have like 15 saved messages and you have to find the right one or wait and listen to the options (unless you’ve memorized the options…) this would make it easier. Or for people who dont even explore their own mailbox and rely on other services.

  3. Yeah it was always possible but not easy. This does all the hard work for you…

  4. An “easy” way straight to a persons voicemail can be done. It requires 2 phones or lines which is how I think they do it. Once calls the person and while its ringing quickly call them with the other line. That will force it to voicemail because you can only be “ringed” at one time. Now if you let the first call get picked up, then the second call will go to call waiting

  5. That is genius.

  6. The service says its unavailabe at this time, please try later

  7. Yep tried it from an ATT phone to a TMO and to a VZW phone, they both tried it back, all the same message of cannot do it with those numbers at this time, then it gives me some bs about not working with prepaid numbers, none of the numbers I tried were prepaid, bummer!!

  8. Slydial works perfectly fine for me and I have successful calls everytime I use it! Excellent service!!!!

  9. Actually this does work but the phone number of the person that you are wanting to leave a message for actually rings quickly, and a phone number shows up (215 area code). I tested it with a landline to my cell and my cell actually rang and displayed this phone number. Not cool…

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