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Xtensor Finger Exercise Contraption On video

Xtensor-handBack in February we told you about the Xtensor positioning itself as the solution to BlackBerry Thumb. It is essentially a finger exerciser contraption that is supposed to help promote healthy fingers.

Turns out that Joanna Stern of Laptop Magazine got her hands on one of these Xtensors. She does a great job of explaining how it works in a video on

gripmasterIf you suffer from BlackBerry thumb you might want to check out the Xtensor. On the other hand I always thought that the Xtensor was just a really expensive version of the GripMaster. The GripMaster provides the same type of exercise and it only costs $12 on Amazon compared to the $39.99 of the Xtensor.

Check out the Xtensor video at LaptopMag and let me know what you think!

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  1. Hmmm…I invision this actually causing my hands MORE stress and pain, that thing just looks painful…am I alone in thinking that here? lol

  2. Actually the extensor and the gripmaster are completely different exercises. The resistance is opposite. The resistance for the gripmaster is as you push in, the extensor is as you pull out. Both will actually work your hands differently.

  3. @ Tim
    Isn’t pushing the point. Its not like you are pulling buttons on your BlackBerry… Or is the idea to exercise the opposite muscle than the one you use for your BlackBerry…

  4. You’re right tim, the gripper only repeats the same action that we are trying to avoid. Repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel and tennis elbow are caused by us doing the same thing over and over. the xtensor does the opposite to counteract the repetition. good idea.

  5. Thanks for the correction Matt. The gripmaster is more of a strengthening exercise that I used to use when I played guitar. So the Xtensor is more for stretching the muscle the other way?

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