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Updated: OS For 8100, 8110, 8310, & 8800 Found Online!

UPDATE: Rapidshare links are not functioning. Thanks to Bla1ze for letting me know that you can get the official versions from for the 8110, 8310, & 8800

That was quick! RIM just recently released this latest beta OS and already its making its rounds online. Thanks to an anonymous tipster who pointed out the new version is available courtesy of a just opened Blogger blog at Not sure if this new version is worth the upgrade since was pretty stable on my 8310.

As a point in fact the new OS is available for the: (Links below)

8100 | 811083108800

Or you can find instructions and links to older OS versions for other devices at at this link

NOTE: Do not install this software if you do not know what you are doing. It may make your BlackBerry FUBAR or just plain angry.

Let us know what you find it you do install it!

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  1. Why bother with Rapidshare links when carrier A1 has it posted on their site, it’s an official carrier release.

  2. yah very good point there get it from the A1

  3. any love for 8320?

  4. these arent betas. they’re official releases from Austria’s 1 network.

  5. I correctly installed it on my Blackberry Pearl 8100 (original) and it looked like it was working good. I ended up going into the media/pictures and my phone froze then multiple resets. I ended up leaving it alone and came back to find it on my homescreen. I started to do the same thing and did the same thing it did last time. I let it down for a while but when I came back to check it out I made sure I didn’t go back to the pictures/media. I checked out everything else and it seems awesome from what I got to c (reset a million times again). It kept on reseting for no reason at any given time all day until I re-installed the older version I was running b4.

  6. A new CDMA release would be great too. I guess we’ll have to wait for a carrier release.

    Hopefully soon!

  7. The one I installed is for 8310. And amazingly I have now VIDEO CAMCORDER. It does 3gp video&audio files.
    It is a shame that RIM had this option available but it was disabled in the previous OS.

    But now I feel one horse ahead of Apple’s iTune which does not have this camcorder function yet.

  8. clio u r an idiot

  9. Bla1ze:

    Because the rapidshare links were posted here FIRST you whiney little chump. was also a so called “official” release by 2 carriers, as well as being a beta at the same time. So unless it’s directly released on you’re clueless.

    CrackBerry really needs to hire some more knowledgeable staff members.


  11. The link is available still at:

    I had the will to test and I am satisfied with what I got.
    Apparently some people does not understand how to do it or why to do but are always able to satisfy their selfishness with bad mouths.

  12. Sob sob! Where is this for the 8320? I hate the .52 I have…

  13. Installed 4.5.055 on 8100 T-mobile. Gladly report that the camera is fixed. Problems with 052 included random resets, speaker malfunction, slow boots.

  14. Hey “mrakus” where can I find this 4.5.055 because I too experienced the 052 version and drove me insane because of the random resets! Please just write anouther message on here and I will read it! PLEASE!

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