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OS 4.5 & 4.6 Device Simulators Are Bundled In The JDE

I know I was wondering where the current OS device simulators were until Richard enlightened me. It turns out that after OS 4.3 RIM has started bundling the device simulators for 4.5 and now with 4.6 into the JDE. They are no longer available for download separately.

I have had quite a few people ask me where the simulators are so I thought I would mention it. You just install the JDE and the simulator will be added to your machine. That way you can test your software or themes on the Bold or on OS 4.5. Obviously RIM partners already have access to a more advanced version of the 4.6 simulator but the one included inside the public beta JDE is not that bad.

Or if you are just like me you can use the 4.6 JDE Beta to get a chance to play around a bit more with the Bold 4.6 OS.

Thanks again Richard for letting me know!

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  1. Simulators have been included in the JDE packages for quite some time. I honestly cannot recall an individual simulator package until the late 4.1 stages. Once you start having actual carrier releases of the supported devices and/or the new OS’s, the individual simulator packages will be made available.

    Just to let you know, there *is* a 9000/4.6 simulator package that is not part of the JDE. It’s a tad over 80MB in size (a zip file) for OS

  2. So no Thunder simulator yet? Or that was 4.7?

  3. Jibi,
    From what I understand they have been in the JDE for awhile but some people (like me) were used to downloading the simulators separately at this link:
    I just wanted to make sure that everybody knew where to find them now.
    I also tried the latest OS simulator and did not notice much improvement but it looks good. I wonder why RIM did not include it in the Beta JDE…

  4. Yeah, simulators have been bundled with the JDE since before 4.3; I just didn’t want to sound like a jerk and “correct” the same post twice in the same day. 🙂 Figured it was water under the bridge.

    It’s cool; maybe if I got outside more I’d have a life outside of mobile development. 🙂

    @DavidB Thunder is 4.7

  5. No worries Richard! I just got about 10 emails in the last week asking for the bold simulator. I wanted to let everybody know.

    I appreciate corrections. That’s what comments are for…

  6. Anyone know why my Plazmic 4.5 would not be able to find the simulators installed with the JDE?

  7. Couple of issues. First, as Nathan says, they don’t appear to work with the Plazmic 4.5 CDK. Which is odd, since this version of the CDK is ONLY for OS 4.5. Which means that it’s impossible to test content (like themes) with a simulator though tool integration. You need to do this manually.

    Seems off that Plazmic would have links of the CDK page to simulators that aren’t 4.5 and therefore don’t work.

    Second issue, I can’t get this working under Vista. When I run the simulator tool, it immediately crashes. Not sure if this is a Vista issue or something else.

    Third issue, some of us aren’t developing in Java and don’t need a whole JDK to have use for a simulator. I like simulators to test software before loading on my device. And, more recently, to test themes I’m working on (see issue #1). Since I don’t have a Java dev environment on my machine, I don’t meet to prerequisites. Nor do I want to. Maybe this is the reason for issue #2?

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