iTuneMyWalkman – Sync Your Mac iTunes With Your Berry

BBitusergroup just let me know about this free piece of software created by Ilari Scheinin. The software is kind of like RIM’s own upcoming MediaSync in that it allows you to sync your iTunes playlists & songs to your BlackBerry. (one way sync only) The difference is that unlike MediaSync this works on a Mac! I don’t think it does DRM music but I can’t confirm. I don’t have a Mac to try this myself but please let me know if it works well!

ituneswalkmanFrom the product page description:

iTuneMyWalkman is an open source application that will help you synchronize the contents of iTunes playlists to your mobile phone or other portable device. The purpose is to make the process as easy as possible, almost like it is with an iPod. The application is able to detect when you connect your phone and can start the synchronization automatically.


  • Synchronizes the contents of specific iTunes playlists to your mobile phone.
  • Detects automatically when the device is connected.
  • Creates directory structure according to artists/albums, playlists, or genres.
  • User can define how much space is left on the memory card.
  • Copied files can be re-encoded on the fly to save space.
  • Play counts can be incremented automatically when songs are transferred.
  • Pictures and videos taken with the phone camera can be automatically moved to a user-specified location on your hard disk or imported to iPhoto during synchronization.


  • A mobile phone/other portable device that can be mounted on the Mac OS X desktop, either with a direct cable or with a memory card reader
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or greater (works with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard)
  • iTunes 7 or greater

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