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DreamBerry – Copy & Paste Calendar Appointments

This DreamBerry idea comes from Ljupco who was hoping that RIM would implement such a feature in the native BlackBerry calendar application.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could copy and appointment and then paste it in another location. Don’t get me wrong you can already just edit the calendar entry and change the date. On the other hand I miss the Outlook functionality of just being able to select an appointment and drag it or paste it to another time.

Better yet would be the ability to duplicate an entry. For example you have a dentist appointment followup. I would want to be able to just copy the first appointment and paste it to the new date and time…

Such small things…

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  1. I read rss feeds from you guys through viigo. Great stuff, all the time. I was wanting to know why you guys don’t keep up to date with all the streaming stuff that’s coming to BB. It seems to be the future of all the os based phones so why not have more articles on them? I mean, I know you guys have jobs to do…but a couple of postings on newer. streaming technology would be awesome. I currently have a 8830 verizon with os 4.5 and I’ve been looking everywhere to just stream movies or something like that. I know youtube is there…but I want movirs and t.v. Shows. O.T.A. No desktop heh. is a really good site..check it out if you haven’t already..thanks a lot. George.

  2. @ George
    We try to cover what streaming services we find. There just happens to not be too many out there.

    What I am really waiting for is the Bold since it brings DIVX support!!! Now that will be awesome

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